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Firefox Extension: Snap Links – easily open multiple links with a single click

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Snap Links is a Firefox addon that allows you to open a series of multiple links in a particular area in a single click. It’s been designed to help people open search results easily.

Use your right mouse button to drag and select a rectangular area. On doing this, you’ll see the main links in that area selected, like this:

Snap Links Firefox Extension to open multiple links

Hold the Shift key to select all links within that area, notice the change now:

Hold down the Alt key and move your mouse to change the position of the rectangular area. When you release your mouse button, each link will open in a separate tab. Hit Escape to cancel all your actions.

Download the SnapLinks Firefox add on here


Written by admin

May 8th, 2007 at 4:54 am

Posted in firefox

  • Atul

    Yes snap link is very useful for serch work , but sometime while reading posts snap irritates by showing big boxes in between the posts .

  • Shankar Ganesh

    Yep, Snap Links may sometimes irritate, but I think it won’t be that much, because, it’s activated by a right click.

    Thanks for the many comments you’ve left on my blog, Atul. Keep coming for more.

    BTW, You have a good blog too! :)

  • Atul

    hahaha thanks for your love , i will try to visit your blog daily from now .

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  • abhishek bhatnagar

    well this extension does not sound very cool as it involves a hectic kind of procedure…i think its better to right click and open in a new tab.