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Top 5 ways to display your RSS Feed Subscription Link on your blog

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A simple RSS Button:
A simple RSS Button on your sidebar is more than enough to lure visitors to subscribe if you have good content. You could get a standard RSS Feed Icons set here.

Drop Down Chicklets
These chicklets allow your visitors to subscribe to your blog’s RSS Feed in their own favourite feed reader. People can click the button corresponding to the feed reader of their choice. You can get chicklets here, here or here.

Under Individual Blog Posts:
Requesting visitors to subscribe to RSS Feeds by displaying the feed link with a message like ‘If you liked this article, please subscribe to the feed here’ may get you more RSS readers.

RSS Tickers
You could display a latest posts ticker on your sidebar to grab your visitors’ attention to subscribe to your feed.

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This can be placed on the top of your blog. You could make one such widget here. If you provide a Feedburner feed, you can get the headline animator for your posts under the Publicize tab in your Feedburner Dashboard.

Sticky Notes and Feed Subscriptions!Under Individual Posts (2):(Secret Tip)
Well, this is one thing my friend Rishi and I have been experimenting with recently. And it seemed to help. Appealing readers to subscribe via a Post-it sticky note :D It helps! Display a sticky on single post pages and check for yourself. It grabs visitors’ attention. But you have to make sure that this will suit your blog’s theme. Here’s a Post it note generator.

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May 9th, 2007 at 12:23 pm

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