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[This post is a part of Techie Buzz's Make things better train]

Though I’ve moved to WordPress, I still have a little place for Google’s free blog hosting service, Blogger – in my heart. It’s a good platform, very useful for blogging newbies. But it needs quite a lot of improvements. Here’s what I would like to see in Blogger:

  1. Improved Comment Interface please: This is really frustrating for me. In order to comment on a blog post on a Blogger blog, I need to make around 3 clicks. When I’m already annoyed by this, there’s another little irritation – I type in my words in the comment textarea as the page loads, and it vanishes when it has finished loading. Pain. I read somewhere that this is caused due to a JavaScript functionality.
  2. Trackbacks could be cool: Mostly all blogging platforms have this feature, why not Blogger?
  3. Better Adsense Integration: While integrating ads on sidebar is a piece of cake on Blogger, things get tough if you want to add stuff on single post pages – you have to edit some really confusing code in the HTML editor. It would be better if Google offers its users better Adsense support (or better theme editing for that matter).

That’s all I had to say. Pour your thoughts in the comments.

I would like to tag Ramkarthik and Atul so that I can know from them what things could be made better.

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June 20th, 2007 at 1:55 pm

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  • Vinod

    Your mention about the trackbacks are really valid. You can even opt to make TrackBacks to Follow – in order to respect the linking party.

  • dEEPAK

    seriously.. blogger needs to improve the comments interface.. including support comment followup notification..

  • Ramkarthik

    Thanks for the tag Shankar. My blog post will be ready by tomorrow. I got to think of something useful to write.

  • Techie Buzz

    Thanks for following the train, It was nice to know what you would like to change in blogger.

    Hope all others follow this train too so that we can know how other softwares can be made better.

  • Digital I.T Blog

    Hi Shankar first of all congrats for new blog with you name domain . Yes their are many things that need to be changed and developed in blogger .

    Even i have two blogs on WP but i am happy with . No complaints because i started blogging from it and did many experiment on it and what ever i am today that is also by the help of

    I am busy from last few days but whenever i will get time i will write on it and thanks for remembering me .I knows you from starting than others and believe me you are going with good speed and i hope with in few time i will call you pro blogger .

    No comment closed it must be looking like a post

  • Ashish Saini (Ashfame)

    but it can be implementec by other means:
    haloscan for trackbacks
    editing html wid get da job done for adsense bw posts but i am facing some prob on ad format in ma blog, it displays in a weird format irrespective of wht i choose

  • kuanhoong

    I love blogger too. It is a great platform for beginner to start testing out blogging.

  • shashank

    i am the one who is presently getting sick of blogger due to its low configurability options ,although i was able to make a theme which is as good in looks as any wordpress themes but i am still not satisfied with it…
    what worries me most is the comments, i am missing a lot of comments from the fellow bloggers who all are at wordpress….
    so i ll be the next shifter from blogger to wordpress.

    its really great for beginners but things are different at the other end .

  • Nirmal

    Commenting is the most annoying thing in blogger, they need to find another way. :-(

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @RamKarthik: Looking forward to see your post :)
    @Techie Buzz: Welcome.
    @Digital IT Blog: Thanks for your words of appreciation :)
    @Ashfame: You’re right. It can implemented using Haloscan and things, but could be better if it comes natively.
    @Kuanhoong: Yes, you’re right.
    @Shashank: I really like the theme you have on your blog now. The header is lovely. Good luck if you’re gonna move to WP. I think you should. Your blog deserves more comments.
    @Nirmal: Yes, they need to do something about this.

  • shashank

    lets see when it happens …
    glad you like the header.
    nobody is there to listen about the problems in blogger…they need to provide some sort of support atleast.

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @shashank: There’s a blogger help group here: but no idea on whether they are listening to new feature requests.

  • shashank

    i know about that group but there is nothing more than basic blogger help there…

  • Internet Tv

    i agree with the comment feature. that is the main reason i use wordpress.

  • Benedict Herold

    Agreed on No. 1 and 2. I really hate commenting on blogger blogs these days.!

  • vaibhav

    Can you please let me know, the trackback funda. used blogger, not for long, but was not able to understand the use of it.

  • Ashish Saini (Ashfame)

    To know about trackbacks see:

    And visit to implement Trackback in blogs. Blogger natively does not support Trackback but haloscan can do that.

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  • ReviewSaurus

    Well, blogger needs to make lot many changes. They need to provide lot of control when it comes to multiple authors.

    They need to provide better RSS control, now that they have feedburner, they can integrate it and give more power to blogger

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  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Ashfame: Thanks for the link :)

    @ReviewSaurus: I couldn’t agree more. They surely have to bring in a lot of stuff.

  • novinthen

    And blogger is extremely slow to load :(

    commenting in the biggest problem over there!…

    I jumped into wordpress sometime ago and loving each moment of blogging :D

    BTW nice bloggie Shankar Ganesh!

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Novinthen: Yeah, commenting is heck on Blogger blogs. It’s great that you switched to WP.
    BTW, Thanks for the compliment :)

  • DeeJay

    Blogger is good.
    I agree with you about the improvements that have to be done.
    And,… by the way, I surfed around your blog and found some useful stuff. Thanks!

    Greetings from Macedonia!

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @DeeJay: Thanks. I’m glad you liked my articles over here.

    Greetings from India :D

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