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Pidgin: Notifications when a buddy comes online

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Pidgin is now becoming the popular choice for a multi-protocol messenger where in you can connect to different networks that include Google Talk, Yahoo, etc.

Pidgin, by default, does not notify you when a buddy comes online. But you can activate that feature. It’s known as Buddy Pounce on Pidgin. Here’s how:

  • First, login to your configured Pidgin account
  • Right click on a friend’s name, click Add Buddy Pounce
  • A window will pop-up asking you to configure alerts. You can use the available options to get notifications when a buddy comes online, signs out, goes idle, stops typing, starts typing (!), etc. Just check the required.
  • You can now set what happens when the selected action occurs.
  • Pidgin can open a chat window, play a sound, just pop up a notification, send a message to the person, or even execute a command when the selected event occurs.

Pidgin Buddy Pounces
It’s as easy as that.

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June 24th, 2007 at 2:15 pm

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  • Ramkarthik

    Shankar, I don’t use any other chat client than Gmail. So if at all I want to use anything I will try this. I have only once tried Trilian chat client which also has all the other chat clients in it.

  • kuanhoong

    Hmm, I think with so many web based messenger out there like Meebo, I wonder how is the response for this plugin.

  • Ashish Saini (Ashfame)

    Pidgin is gaining popularity these days but I will remian with my trillian astra (alpha build). This one rocks.

  • sindhu

    hasnt anybody heard of Guifications??

    its also included in the purple pack. a much better alternative to adding buddy pounces for contact notifications manually.

  • luv

    i mstly use meebo but will try dat 1

  • Ken Xu

    Well… Stumbled Again! Nice Plugin Review. :mrgreen:

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @RamKarthik: I think you should consider using one, because you’ll be able to connect to people using different networks. Good for blogging :D
    @Kuanhoong: I think this will be of good use, because (if I’m right) web based IMs don’t notify of buddy’s status.
    @Ashfame: I tried Trillian, but I still prefer Pidgin because it’s open source :D
    @Sindhu: Thanks for that piece of information and thanks for dropping by.
    @Luv: Yeah, you should definitely give this one a try
    @Ken: Thanks for the stumble :)

  • DeeJay

    It’s nice to know more. Thanks.

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  • Shankar Ganesh

    @DeeJay: Welcome.

  • Pallab

    I dont really like Pidgin. One of the major annoyances is that file transfer’s dont work. They were in beta for such a long time. They should have atleast worked that out. Also I almost exclusively use y!m so dont really need pidgin.

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Pallab: Yeah, I too hate to use it sometimes for the same reason. They still don’t support it. This is one of the most needed features, and it’s annoying that Pidgin doesn’t have it.

  • Magus

    I would like to have a Buddy Pounce which shows a pop up with the name of the contact that signed in for every contact.

    Do I have to make a Buddy Pounce for each and every contact I add?

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Magus: Buddy pounce will show up a window with the name of your contact by default. I think you have to assign a buddy pounce for every contact manually (not sure though)

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  • suuner

    window notification for every buddy “when a Buddy come online”
    like seen in msn would be interesting addition

  • A. Nounomous

    how u get rid of a buddy pounce

  • Wolle

    Hi, I’ve got the same problem as Noumonous obviously has. I once added a buddy pounce to one of my buddys and now I simply can’t turn it off. Everytime he signs in, I get an alert. That annoys me somehow… The checkbox to repeat the buddy pounce is NOT checked. Is there any config file to edit maybe?

    BTW: using opensuse 10.3 with gnome, if it’s necessary to know that…

  • Andrew

    Wolle / Nounomous,
    To remove (or edit) a buddy pounce, go to the tools menu in the buddy list and click on buddy pounces.

  • Sven

    @suuner – may I draw your attention to PidginSnarl?

    Just found this thread as I have now a wish from a user whi wants a buddy pounce options build in there :)