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You’ve started blogging, and you’re writing good posts. Your blog could get even more better with a lot of free, cool stuff available online. Let me list some cool, general resources that will surely help in spicing up your blog.


Quite a lot of resources are available online for free stock images but it takes time to find some good ones. For some of them, you will have to pay. But there are tons of royalty free images too which are pretty neat and come to good use. Daniel has a good write up on 3 image resources that you can use on your blog and Hongkiat has listed 30+ resources for stock photos.


These tiny/medium-sized icons can aid in describing the category of your post. Icons are so popular that they paved the way for Icon search engines! If you’re looking for icon resources for use on your website or blog, you could check any of these:

  • MaxPower’s Extensive Icon resources list
  • Smashing Magazine’s indigestible lists of free icon, symbol & button resources online: List 1, List 2, List 3. Smashing Magazine publishes amazing lists from time to time, and I suggest you to subscribe for updates from them.
  • Icon search engines like Iconlet and Iconfinder can make the job easier for you, letting you to search icons based on keywords. Iconlet also lists all available icons sorted by size.

    Funny Comics

    Truth in Blogging

    Heart Shaped Blog

    Blaugh is one excellent resource for comics filled with humour. Touted as the Unofficial comic of the Blogosphere, you can embed these comics in your blog for free and give your readers a taste of humour. ToonDoo is another site that can help you create your own comics.


    Conducting polls can help you build interactivity among readers of your blog. It’s terribly easy now to create polls to put up on your blog.

    Quite a number of sites let you do that. Most popular one is PollDaddy. Nirmal has compiled a good list of online poll creators for your blog.

    Fun with Generators

    I love online generators – that can make messages and signs in seconds. With a little bit of creativity, you can make some good stuff with generators and insert them on your blog.

    For example, you could get a post it note from the Sticky Note Generator here and then use it to remind your blog readers of something. Creativity is the key.

    Another emerging generator tool is the web 2.0 button generator that lets you create web 2.0 style buttons for your blog online. Stripe Generator can generate very professionally looking stripes in seconds.

    Cool looking Web 2.0 Button

    The Generator Blog lists hundreds of generators that’ll do the fun job.

    Hope these resources help you out.
    Do you know of any more cool resources that you can share with us?

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    June 30th, 2007 at 3:00 pm

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    • Ashish Saini (Ashfame)

      Good Compilation!
      Try these too.

      You will love

    • Ashwin

      A cool list man.

      I’ve just started to experiment with the comic thing and I make my own. It takes time and effort (not to mention, your creative juice), but well worth the effort!

      Stumbled! :)

    • Nirmal

      Thanks for the mention. :-)

    • Ramkarthik

      Very useful post. Coming to polls, you can also try vizu polls. I think you can also earn money with that poll.
      The comic strips are really funny.

    • Ashwin

      This Generator thing is cool. I was looking for a nice header image for my blog.. it will make my job easier! :D

    • luv

      Hey tatz an vry gr8 post i lyk it vry mch vry informative

    • shashank

      cool post…

    • Dj Flush

      lol amazing post there Shankar. Blaugh rocks hahha :D and thanks for the link back :P

    • Madhur Kapoor

      awesome list Shankar , i am going to be hooked to generators now .

    • Techie Buzz

      Great comprehensive list Shankar. All these are really quite useful if you are a blogger. Stumbled

    • ram

      good list shankar, those cartoons are hilarious

    • kuanhoong

      Nice info.
      Those cartoons are really funny!

    • Shankar Ganesh

      I’m glad you guys liked the post.
      @Ashfame: Thanks for that. Fodey is really cool.
      @Ashwin: Thanks for the stumble. And yeah, the generator blog is really cool.
      @RamKarthik: Vizu is a good way to make money. Applied for approval :D
      @Dj, Nirmal: Welcome.
      @Madhur: Enjoy your day with generators.. hehe :D
      @Techie Buzz: Thanks for the stumble.

    • Lovedeep Wadhwa

      Interesting Links :D

    • Shankar Ganesh

      Thanks for dropping by, Lovedeep :)

    • Sankaranand

      Add my lists too shankar,

      1.For free image hosting with unlimited bandwidth and storage try zooomr so that u can save bandwidth

      2.For Free stock images which you can use in blog posts,
      try very good site containing high quality images

    • Shankar Ganesh

      Yep, I was trying Zooomr the other day and I’m extremely pleased that they offer unlimited bandwidth.
      And is the best for stock images, it’s up there on every ‘stock image sites compilation’ i see on the net.

      Thanks for dropping by, SankarAnand.

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    • My Financial Mistakes

      very useful post! thanks…

    • Tech Thoughts

      Great info

    • Shankar Ganesh

      Thanks, Tech Thoughts and My Financial Mistakes

    • Srinivasan Paul Joseph

      Hey Shankar,

      Really useful posts are coming from your Blog. I’ven’t visited for almost one month now and when I’m back I was taken aback by your immense post counts. Keep it going!

      Thanks for this info here…

    • Shankar Ganesh

      Thanks, Srinivasan. All this wouldn’t have been possible without your support. :)

    • lady influence

      you have a really nice blog.. i like the template it’s so clean..

    • Shankar Ganesh

      @Lady Influence: Thanks for dropping by.

    • Mikey

      Yeah, this is a very very cool blog. ;-)
      I just added you to my favorites.


    • Marios


    • Meg


      Great post.

      I am trying to insert a stripe I created with the stripe generator to the background of my blog, but as I have no idea about CSS or HTML, I don’t know how to do it.

      Can you pls help me?

      Many thanks,