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3 Windows Vista themes for Windows XP

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The best thing about Vista than anything else is probably the eye candy that it offers. Not all people can afford Vista though, so most of you are content with Windows XP.

Still, you can quench your thirst a bit with some Vista style themes for Windows XP. Just by downloading Visual styles and installing them, you can give a really stunning look to your XP operating system.

But note that none of these Visual styles can actually get to touch the real amount of elegance that Vista offers.

Before I take you to the list of some great Vista styles for Windows XP, here’s a quick guide on how you can install them:

  • Download UX Theme MultiPatcher from here
  • Run the setup file
  • Grab anyone of the following styles and download them on to your PC
  • Double click on the .msstyle file and apply the style.
  • Voila! Your XP has a new look

The first two themes don’t require other third party software, but you need to install WindowBlinds to use the third theme.

Razor Vista


Razor Vista Theme



VistaVG Theme for XP



Aero Glass XP theme for XP

Note that these visual styles can reduce performance, so go for them only if your computer has a good amount of resources.

Do you know of any such Windows Vista themes for XP? Share them with others in the comments.

Written by admin

July 29th, 2007 at 10:18 am

  • Ramkarthik

    I always like the style of Vista. I had a theme called Universal Vista Brico Inspirat. Now I have a different theme called “xPize”. It looks good. Thanks for the Vista look alike themes.

  • Dj Flush

    Amazing Shankar :D

    Thats a great list and the good thing is they are not transformation packs hehe :)

  • Shankar Ganesh

    Glad you liked it guys!
    @Dj: Right, transformation packs have spoiled my system earlier :D Themes are much better.

  • http://www, dEEPAK

    VistaVG seems quite closer to the original one..
    BTW these are .msstyles.. So they are pretty light on system.. I’ve used the Mac OS X Tiger .(msstyle) theme on windows and the performance was normal as with default windows theme..

  • TechZilo

    The last time I used a Transform pack, I had to do a complete XP reinstall.

    It hurts, ouch :(

    They mess with system files, and that sucks.

  • Sunil Parmar

    Great info Shankar.
    But my system is already too slow.

    I’ve tried tuneup utilities & it’s an amazing there you can customize the whole look as per your choice. This software also helps you to make the system faster.

    Life is too hectic on my end… how about you?

  • Sunil Parmar

    Hey Shankar i’ll be soon opting for Debian. :smile:

  • Brown Baron

    Hey themes! As DJ said, these aren’t transformation packs so I think I might just try them haha. Thanks for this one buddy.

  • ReviewSaurus

    I think you are stuck with number 3. Increase that number for more links :D

  • Madhur Kapoor

    Nice themes buddy , loved the Aeroglass one .

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @TechZilo, dEEPAK, Brown: You’re right. I’ll probably try these styles rather than messing up my PC with such transformation packs hehe
    @Sunil: Great that you’re moving to Linux.
    @ReviewSaurus: Haha.. thanks for the heads up. Will try to put up some lengthy stuff.
    @Madhur: Glad you liked it.

  • Ken Xu

    Razor Vista Looks good. I have switch to Vista though… May be I will recommend it to my friends. :)
    Thanks for sharing.

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  • Shankar Ganesh

    You’re welcome, Ken. I’ll be able to switch only if I upgrade my RAM :D Anyways, I’m now content with XP.

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  • ajay

    Another useful post here. Thanks for the heads-up:)

  • Anal

    it great i was searching for vista’s theme and got it u must put some other stuff also so that the customer will get much’s great.

  • rony john

    nice….here is my digg.

  • Ken Xu

    Wow! Gosh! Stumbled. Dugg. Commented. :P
    Hope this page would reach digg front page! Wish you luck!

  • ilker -=- The Thinking Blog

    You missed out the best one: Luna Element Black

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  • megat

    i like it, thanks shankar!

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Rony: Thanks a lot, it brought a lot of visitors!
    @Ken: Thank you.
    @Ilker: Luna Element Black is a great theme, thanks for sharing!
    @Megat: You’re welcome, thanks for dropping by.

  • rony john

    Sorry, Ganesh i couldn’t make it..better luck next time.

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Rony John: No problem :-)

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  • dennis

    how do i get the harddrive gauges for the vista VG theme?

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  • Shankar Ganesh
  • sagar

    hi dear,

    if anybody have window vista themes please mail to me at


  • love guru

    that web page is very super & power full

  • John

    I also found a bunch or wallpapers and Vista themes at But, you can search for “vista skins” or “vista wallpaper” on Google to find more!

  • Annberg

    How to install it? I don’t know.
    Anyone can help me?

    What I need to do?

  • Annberg

    any answer?

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Annberg: Please read the beginning of the article on how to install these themes.

  • Annberg

    I extract the archive wba, and I did’t find “:Double click on the .msstyle file and apply the style.”

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Annberg: In the wba, there’ll be a file in .msstyle format, you’ll have to double click on it for installing it.

  • apitz

    astig pare 8 vista!………

    dating 8 ira mga theme…..

    padisan hin object dock!

    download gihap kamo!

  • Kanly

    Oh,So good the style you are said,but i don’t know how 2 download it !!!

  • Tý-§†Îçk†ÇÕʆ

    VistaVG is very nice looks real good i lov xp hate how vista runs put i like the looks of vista so this works for me thanks d-_-b

  • Dafe

    Did the vista xp pack slows my NoteBook?
    i have 1gb ram,225mb vga ram,centrino duo 1.73 ghz…

    please tell me..

    umm i love the aeroglass remix..The tranparent looks greats

  • Aryan

    I could this to work but just remember that after installing UX – it need a reboot to be effective.

    But I couldn’t get the Vista Icons! Is there a simple way to get hem?

  • JC

    I need help.. i run the setup then the message says that it doesnt support the operating system.. I am using windows xp pro operating system. What should i do? Thanks

  • JC


  • Krish

    Wow nice themes man U rock dogg

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  • Sameer

    Downloads links of these 3 links give links to files which windows blinds can open. where are the .msstyle files?

  • Sameer

    I mean the AeroGlass one.

  • rajesh

    AeroGlass is .wba file
    I think i need windows blinds for it


    its a third class theme hey friends download vista inspirat 2 from have a nice day shankar

  • Dev

    Can u help me,when i doubl click on the uxpatcher it says “UX Theme multipacther has detected that thers any windows NT setup file in c:/i386,please eject ur cd or move the folder to somewhere else,click ok to exit the uxpacther”

  • Mark

    Am I crazy or is there not a .msstyles file in the Aeroglass file. I extracted the wba file and there is a ton of images and some random files but no .msstyles file. Does anyone know what the secret is?

  • davo moto

    no its only for windows blinds

    the comment “These themes don’t require other third party software such as WindowBlinds, etc.”

    is not correct

  • Vjy


  • brian

    its not working i downloaded the patcher and the vista style but it did’nt work can you help?

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Mark, Dava Moto: Thanks for the heads up. The last theme does require WBlinds to run. I’ve updated the post with the details.

  • grent

    oh my god that’s crazy thanks~~~谢谢啦~~~

  • Jackson

    This says that I need to get rid of my windows i386 file and I don’t want to do that. any ideas for getting around that?

  • Jeewan

    very good to see my com again in new look.


  • http://religen amryasser

    I want free download thems for windowsXP

  • mEsoL

    give a shot of my collection of vista themes. i have iPhone Theme, Xbox 360 Theme PlayStation 3 Theme, Mac OS X Leopard Theme and much more.

  • www


  • passer by

    ur themes are awsome and i liked it please continue to create more awsome thems for us =X some themes i couldent use try to fix the buggs in the files bangala….


  • hot doggie


    i don’t know what to say again…:)

  • emilinkinpark

    To Say the thing is this is the worst website I ever visited.

  • looRii

    very nice is razor theme ..

  • bill gates of malaysia

    Great work Shankar.

  • bill gates of malaysia

    nice work shankar.keep it up.

  • nikolaj

    you can use stylexp

  • eleos12


  • Morpheus

    I will go ahead and say what no one else will…lolol…the…Vista Transformation Pack SUCKS!!! I have tried each version that has come out hoping that it would work. It has for a moment and then my system goes haywire. This last 8.0 version rendered my system useless in 3.2 seconds. I mean just great!!! I have reformatted around 8 times just off of TP’s alone. Stick with .msstyles.

  • Bricopacks

    Brico packs are the best …
    they dont mess ur pc even!
    Vista Inspirat 2 rocks!

  • VTP 8 sux

    vista transformation pack sux !!!
    believe me it really does mess up ur system!

  • Joe

    Why doesn’t the patcher work for winzip 11.1??

  • Joe

    why doesn’t the patcher work for winzip 11.1?

  • stellar24

    dude! this is awesome!!!! this is gr8!! u can get a gr8 look without suffering on stupid transformation packs! it won’t mess up ur system!!

  • Vadiraj

    hey when i download the vista vg theme, the file extension of that file is .rar instead of.msstyle. wht do u think is the problem…. plz reply.

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Vadiraj: Hey that MSSTYLE file is present inside the RAR file, you need a tool called ‘WinRAR’ to decompress the RAR file and get the msstyle extracted. You can download WinRAR from here –

  • Aaron

    UX patcher will not run on XP with SP3

  • ibrahimfa

    VistaVG seems quite closer to the original one

  • batman

    its great wonder full theme

  • batman

    any one can say me where can i get vista theme for xp please mail me on this id

  • limawan

    Hi, im very interested with the theme but i have problem when apply it.
    I’ve downloaded and run UX Theme MultiPatcher. Restrat the PC and double click Razor_48px.msstyles but i can’t find the theme in Display Properties. There are only WindowsXP (modified) with no change in screen, My current theme (display still original XP), WindowsXP and Windows Classic.

    Please help.

    many thanks.

  • dassing

    i like it

  • Cain

    i downloaded it and it wants to know what program to open with……what program????

  • oem

    This is for all those complaining about this theme. This theme is awesome; specially when you want to run xp on the new hardware out there instead of hogvista. Like some have say it doesn’t put any stress on the system and is very appealing. Nice Job!!! for those that don’t like it, do your own theme so you can appreciate talents like the ones creating this themes.

  • Rajesh K.C

    This themes is specially design for those people who have a desire for Vista but doesnot support by their hardware. So , this themes fulfill the thrist of those people.

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  • Vjy

    hey sgdsg

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  • mizo_1616


  • steve


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  • Jewel James

    The .rar file wont open!
    I am not a computer genius

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @JewelJames: Use WinRAR to open .RAR files. Download at

  • snyper

    I tried to launch Multi-Patcher 5.5 but I got a message it does not support this operating system (Windows XP Pro Corporate with SP3).

    Anyone else get this same message? Any ideas?


  • Saily

    Looks greate, but i am not able to use it.
    rar file contain AeroGlassXP The Remix.wba
    how to use this file?


  • ToopeR

    Jist install Windows Vista Transformation Pack and everything is gonna be better

  • worakot

    Thank’s lot to the developer, your themes looks very nice..

  • vinod

    hi shankar iam unable to download from your site not accesing proxy blocked i am browsing from proxy sites . can any one can send the downloaded files to my mail id. thanks,.

  • imran

    Jist install Windows Vista Transformation Pack and everything is gonna be better

  • SEnseS

    how do i install this?

  • SEnseS

    nvm i found out lol :)

  • Marc

    I was just wondering Shankar if there is a button package that can be applied w/ the themes within the start menu and user account VI as Vista has, without Vistart or can these themes work with Vistart Menu or is this too much for the application? I’m unable to process the user account options through the start menu icon at the top as well, Properties Windows and Buttons Blank, but the themes are awesome, VistaVG<img src=

    thank you, :P

  • Shankar Ganesh

    I was just wondering Shankar if there is a button package that can be applied w/ the themes within the start menu and user account VI as Vista has, without Vistart or can these themes work with Vistart Menu or is this too much for the application?

    I think it’s out of scope for the themes, it’s not possible.

  • Sonakshi

    Hi.. I downloaded the Vista VG Theme for my PC. But it shows a .RAR File. How to use that. I have tried many times but it dosen’t download any folder. plz help. Urgent

  • eLyas

    after download..
    n install..
    wat should i do..??

  • Bhavesh

    your themes looks very nice..

  • rao

    Nice work dude….please let me know how we ger buttons on desktop as shown in above picture…….????

  • SlimShady

    Nice share man.i like this themme for windows xp!

  • fnfzone

    Nice theme. Get more themes link from

  • Accird


    I’ve downloaded and loaded up the theme and it looks awesome!!! But when I shut down my computer for the night, and turn it back on in the morning, the theme is not loaded…just the old school windows. So I have to click on the .msstyles file to load it up again.

    Is there a way to prevent this from happening, where I can turn off and turn on my computer and the theme will stay put?

    Let me know!


  • KPPosta

    I need help with installing the Razor Vista theme. I already installed the UX Theme MultiPatcher and the Razor Vista theme already, but i don’t know understand the “Double click on the .msstyle file and apply the style” thing. Where is the .msstyle file and how do i use the Razor Vista theme?

    Can anyone help me please?

  • KPPosta

    O.K. I downloaded the stupid themes and patcher, but when i run the theme with the WinRAR working perfectly, the same theme i have now pops up and i don’t see Razor OR VistaVG anywhere. Do i have to do anything else?

  • KPPosta

    EDIT POST:on June 15th, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    O.K. I downloaded the Razor Vista theme and VistaVG theme and UX Theme MultiPatcher, but when I run the themes with the WinRAR, which is working perfectly, I get the same theme I have now in the apperance properties and i don’t see the theme “Razor” OR “VistaVG” anywhere as a choice of theme either. Do i have to do anything else? Can anyone help me?

  • sweety

    thanks shankar…. your themes are just……..great…..

  • vista desktop themes

    These are great Themes! I downloaded 2 of them and will try them later today! Great work

  • rameez raja

    great work shankar… i hav a doubt… can we download vista themes and use it using the software (uxpatcher) ?

  • Avijith

    Shankar Ganesh,

    Are these themes uninstallable? Thanks for this though!

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  • VistaThemeGuru

    Hey guys,

    First of all great themes Shankar! Will feature one of them on my site soonish.
    Also got some more Vista XP Themes here

  • Ashok kumar

    for god’s sake , don’t upload any garbage as themes
    I’m done with it ..
    i spent my time to recover from your **** .
    first check with your box

  • u are sucker

    your theme sucks.. it looks like made by a kid!

  • amirth

    very nice. hats off to u

  • Gravity

    awesome themes… *hails*

  • dogbyte

    guys…make sure to set a system restore point before you do any of this. if you get error messages and explorer won’t load…boot in safe mode..then open task manager…new task…cmd…then type %systemroot%system32restorerstrui.exe and restore your shit….DON’T FUCK WITH YOUR SYSTEM32 FILES!!!!!!!! I almost just had to fresh install windows cause of this damn thing..

  • Sudhir

    Great …

    it just add fascinating looks to OLD XP.

    Thnx Shankar

  • blackmore

    Listen guys…i really dunno how 2 install this themes….i’ve been downloaded the Razor theme,i decompressed the rar. file & there was: Razor,Razor_48px,folder Shell and into it NormalColor and into Shellstyle.dll…where to put shellstyle.dll and how to install this?!?

    P.S. Sry 4 my English :(

  • aneeshram

    If i install theses themes on my xp, how do i change back to xp orignal theme? Someone please reply! :)

  • Marc

    Please reply. I need to know if these can be uninstalled and we can change back to xp’s original theme.

  • VistaThemesGuru

    Actually it’s quite easy to install xp and vista themes.
    It hasn’t changed a lot since Xp, that’s why I can only recommend to read my article how to install vista themes:

    I hope that helps a bit.

    @marc: You just need to keep a copy of the original xp theme, then you can always switch back to the default theme of XP. Read my instructions.

  • Daniel

    When I click on the theme it justs opens up the theme menu in properties and it has no option to click on my new one. Please someone tell me how to set it and e-mail me at

    Thanks in advance :)

  • varun

    hey can i change back to old theme??

  • Jatin

    Can anyone tell me how to get that button overlays of vista in xp?? Or that favourite bar of Vista in rthe left side??

  • preston

    Hi my drives icons under my computer didnt update. Do these need to be done manually?


    UX Multi Theme Patcher doesnt work with WINDOWS XP SP3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m glad you know that now, and really thanks to it for restoring my precious files back again.

  • mim

    I have SP3 installed and then when i run setup it complains and gives me the option to restore my files.
    What if i cancel this option. Is it a bad thing? What happens?

  • http://- Vyom

    i have downloaded “UX Theme MultiPatcher”

    but i dont want it now.

    please tell me how to remove it….


  • Ice Cream


  • shripad

    i downloaded aeroglass theme…

    after i downloaded nd extracetd the i got dat in .wba extension…

    then i downloaded windowblinds 30 days trial version..

    i thought .wba is also a compressed file and can be extracted using windowblinds

    but after i downloaded i came to know that after windowblinds expire i cant be able to use that theme anymore…

    i dont want that to happen..

    plzz help me..


  • Jason

    I have pressed download and what has happened is that something called Zamgo has installed into my computer and the theme of my computer is still the same! Can someone please help me?

  • http://--------------------------------- heart

    how to install these 3 themes in windows xp? i’ve tried a lot

  • http://google anurag

    Hai this is Anurag vista theme nice but some themes not supported in xp any software needs to install vistathemes in xp

  • yashu

    hi if i install the themes can the language of os changes to some extent. i am using korean windows can i get english windows.

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  • Court-Meister

    I downloaded The UX Theme MultiPatcher and then downloaded the first theme and opened it in WinRAR and clicked on the .msstyle file and all I got was the thing where you change your theme (the box that you get on control panel) and it said ‘Select Theme’ in a drop-down taskbar and all it said was ‘Windows XP’ and ‘Windows Classic’ nothing else… :(

    Aww I don’t know what to do :’(

  • Abdul Qudoos

    AeroGlass looks awesome

  • Kevin

    Hey Shankar,

    How do i revert to my old theme?

    • Shankar Ganesh

      Go to your desktop, right click, choose ‘Properties’ and select Windows XP and press ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’ to revert to the default XP theme

  • micho

    its not working they r puting NT smth …………

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  • Mark

    VistaVG is the best Vista theme for XP. It’s safe, easy to use and incredibly nice to look at. However, what you have is an old version. Rather try the final version of the theme, VistaVG Ultimate. It’s easily the best Windows Vista msstyles theme for Windows XP.

  • HateSpark

    Hello ! its working for me at first but when i restart or shutdown my Computer the themes became xp default.. i follow all the instruction above so whats the problem?

  • Esbi_13

    nice! and it really works! thanks!

  • silver engagement rings

    You need to keep a copy of the original xp theme, then you can always switch back to the default theme of XP.