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Download Application Launchers for Windows

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Whether it’s launching applications, or diving into folders, the Windows Start Menu is not the right one to use. Too many programs and cluttered lists make it the worst to use, not to mention that each menu takes a hell lot of time to load.

Moreover people prefer using keyboard shortcuts than their mouse all the time, so here I’ve compiled a list of application launchers for Windows that can save your invaluable time, and keep you productive. Bloggers can use these tools to save some time and get ready with fresh content.

Launchy – The best launcher for windows. All your stuff is just keystrokes away

Launchy Application Launcher

Colibri – Command Line Power, with a GUI

Colibri Program Launcher

Keybreeze – Hotkeys to launch programs, files and perform tasks

Keybreeze Program Launcher

Stab Launcher – Launch applications from a tabbed dock


SlickRun – Floating Command line utility for Windows with ability to create command aliases


WinKey: Create shortcuts to access your favourite programs and files


Run Me! – Launch Programs fast via a quick menu

Run Me

PS Hot Launch: Launcher with a menu to access your applications, folder

Plus, you can also try out various dock programs available for windows that can also act as program launchers. Forgive me if I’ve missed any of your favourites!

Bonus: These were other launchers that were suggested by readers in the comments: True Launch Bar, SlimKey Hotkey Manager, 8Start Launcher and SkyLight.

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August 28th, 2007 at 3:58 pm

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  • Haris

    WOW! Awesome collection. These are really going to help speed up things :D – Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Dj Flush

    awesome collection :D

    Going to try out Stab launcher and Launchy ;)

    Stumbled post

  • Shivaranjan

    My favorite is Launchy. Which one do you use?

  • Keith Dsouza

    I have been using Launchy for quite sometime and should admit that it one of the real time savers I have every come across, but this is a more comprehensive list and I will definitely try out the other options you have provided with.

  • ram

    I am using launchy its a nice tool, others i have yet to try. great collection

  • Shankar Ganesh

    Thanks to everyone who admired this post and commented :D

    @Dj: Thanks for the stumble!
    @Shivaranajan: I use Launchy, and I’m quite satisfied with it.
    @Keith Dsouza: Of course, launchy is a big time saver. Do try out the other ones.
    @Ram: Thanks, do try the rest. Nothing can beat Launchy though :D

  • Madhur Kapoor

    I love Run me , thanks for such a great post .

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Madhur: You’re welcome, try the others as well :)

  • din


  • Vijay

    A very useful list.. I sure will try out launchy soon.. Thanks shankar!

  • rahul

    Stab launcher and Launchy I like to try .
    though lookwise Stab launcher looks cool .

  • Megan

    @shankar: Actually a lot of other launchers beat Launchy. Keybreeze is far ahead of the pack IMO. You should check it out.

  • Ram karthik

    I haven’t tried any of these. But these are really a good set of launchers. Worth a try. :)

  • Vikram

    Looks Cool !

  • Ken Xu

    Nice work, shankar! This is a big collection that will need a proper research to find which one is suitable for me. :D

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Megan: I’ve tried Key Breeze earlier, think it’s time to give it a shot again :D
    @Ram: You must try them. They can save you a lot of time.
    @Ken: Thanks for the stumble. Hope you’ll settle with a good launcher :D

  • Toz

    Hi ! Nice collection.
    It seems you forgot True Launch Bar.

  • Tom.S

    Don’t Forget ‘SkyLight’
    It has a really nice transparency effect and works well with vista.

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Toz, Tom: Thanks people. I’ve updated the post with your suggestions. Much appreciated.

  • luv

    useful stuff … but havent tried …

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Luv: These can really save you time, so give them a try.

  • Martin Plante

    You should also try slimKEYS:

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  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Martin: Thanks for that, I’ve added it to the list as well!

  • Av

    Great Collection, but you missed out on 8Start Launcher.

  • Shankar Ganesh

    Seems that everyone has got their own favourites!

    @AV: I’ve added 8Start Launcher to the list as well.

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