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Ubuntu themes for Windows XP

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Earlier, I had written about Windows Vista themes for XP – it got a good response, so just thought of compiling a list of Ubuntu themes for Windows XP.

Some of you might be unable to use Ubuntu on your computers, due to some problems or issues. But you may miss the look and feel of Ubuntu on Windows. So, here’s a list of Ubuntu themes for Windows XP to keep you satisfied, and to keep that boring default Luna theme away.

The Ubuntu styles for Windows XP is after the jump. Before that here’s a quick guide on how you can install them:

  • Download UX Theme MultiPatcher from here
  • Run the setup file
  • Grab anyone of the following styles and download them on to your PC
  • Double click on the .msstyle file and apply the style.
  • Voila! Your XP has a new look
  • These themes don’t require any other third party software such as WindowBlinds, etc.

So, here we have the most beautiful Ubuntu like themes for Windows XP:

Human theme for Windows

Ubuntu Human theme for XP


ClearLooks Ubuntu theme for XP

Ubuntu Look for Windows XP


Ubuntu Mod for Windows

Ubuntu Theme


Human V 1.0 Final


Clearlooks Ubuntu Compact

Ubuntu theme for XP


Ubuntu Theme 1 Click Setup


Have fun! Hope you enjoyed those Ubuntu Visual Styles!

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September 18th, 2007 at 11:45 am

  • Logesh

    I am very glad to comment first on this post. All the themes are very nice. Good collection shankar. I am already using the last one you have specified. Anyway i will surely give a try to others also in my Desktop :)

  • ReviewSaurus

    Finally I’m back :) Well, excellent post shankar. But using linux is completely different experience than using the theme of it :)

  • Haris

    After a long tiring day, this is what I call a perfect treat! :D The themes are really cool. I’ll give each one of theme try :) Thanks for sharing your collection with us.

  • Madhur Kapoor

    Wow , they look so cool . Thanks for sharing , stumbled .

  • ram

    Good collection of themes, thanx for sharing

  • Jake

    Also, for the truely adventerous, you can install GNOME or KDE on Windows: . I haven’t had too much luck myself.

  • rahul

    reading from madhur’s link page of blogging finger’s BlogRush – I land here :P

    cool themes , Shankar just want to know whether any issues or memory usage while using this themes ?

  • Haris

    Yeah, Shankar. I would also like to know that are there any memory usage issues while using the themes? I have downloaded all of them. I just have to install them now.

  • Srini


    How I miss those days when people died to have XP like themes for Linux! Things have come a full circle. I’m very glad.

  • Ken Xu

    Hmmm… I don’t use Ubuntu so don’t know the interface. But it seems cool. I will try the human final v1.0 one. :)

  • indyank

    hmm nice themes.Trying out various themes is good for beating boredom and refreshing.Thanks for the collection

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Logesh, Ken: Do try them out.
    @ReviewSaurus: Welcome back, good to see you around :) Indeed, Linux is completely different from Windows, as you said.
    @Jake: That’s very sweet. Thanks for sharing.
    @Rahul, Haris: Yes, these styles do take some of your resources, but it’s not that high, and I don’t think that should stop you from trying these themes :D
    @Srini: May be it’s a sign of progress :P
    @indyank: Yeah, I love to try out themes :D

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Madhur: Thanks for the stumble.

  • Shashank

    Ubuntu themes will only look good on ubuntu not on windows xp …they are kinda dull a little bit

  • Nirmal

    Great collection of themes! As said in the comments, Ubuntu experience is totally different and cant be got by these themes. :-)

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  • Jake

    @Shaskank: The beauty of Linux is you can easily make it as dull or as exciting as you want. The defaults of GNOME are always boring to me though. I opt for KDE.

  • Saif

    Nice collection of themes, but did u ever consider to put a black one? Something with black and red ( dark red ). To me, thats the best combination :)

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Saif: Haha, will inform you if I happen to come across such a theme.

  • Thilak

    Ubuntu Theme works pretty well on Vista. I personally hate the sucky vista aero theme!

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Thilak: Many people don’t seem to like Vista’s bloated UI?

  • Thilak

    With 2GB of RAM and 256MB Dedicated Video RAM, it’s still sucky on my laptop!

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Thilak: Poor Vista :D

  • Jake

    @Thilak: A family member got a Vista laptop with almost the exact same specs as my laptop, a Dual Core 1.6GHz 512MB of RAM. However, Home Basic was awful on it. I can run Kubuntu with Beryl and it still is quite speedy.

  • Thilak

    @Jake: Worst of all, it asks for permission for performing basic tasks. I’ve turned off Aero. I’ve tried using Beryl on Ubuntu, works pretty sweetly!

  • Jake

    @Thilak: Yes. I was renaming all the icons such as Firefox,, and VLC to generic names simply because I knew the icons would be unfoamilar. However, on some icons I got 2 or 3 dialogs simply trying to change their names… ridicoulous.

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  • Ed Kilton

    Putting a Linux them on a Windows OS is like putting an elevator in an outhouse. Doesn’t make sense. If you want a Linux theme, I suggest switching to Linux!

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  • counter_atack1

    how can i download these themes. oh also where can i download the cool cube theme.

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  • Maj

    Nice themes wanting to give my XP a new look bored with the old one and this is surprisingly nice to look at :D

    just 2 questions tho if you could answer them please

    1. in the Ubuntu Mod for Windows how did you get those Icons for it
    2. In the Clearlooks Ubuntu Compact at the bottom of the desktop uve got icons there that you are able to click on how did u get those Ive been lookin for a while I no someone who has it on there comp and they sent me the link with there visual style but no luck


    again nice styles :D

  • MarkyMark

    how to i change the the time effects and the how to i launch the icons at the bottom just like Clearlooks Ubuntu Compact

  • Chetan

    Is there an icon set available for Windows XP….I want to have all the Windows icons look like Ubuntu. There are brico packs available I know but I need a good setup version so that all the internal Windows icons are changed….can anyone help?

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Chetan: Check this out to change icons in XP like the ones in Ubuntu:

  • LittleRascals

    oh, its greta look like Ubuntu,…
    but i dont know, how to change toolbar on top of windows..

    someone help me?

  • Joe

    I want to use one of those themes but I don’t know how. Can you please send me VERY DETAILED instructions on how to use them? Thanks a bunch. Please reply.

  • Joe

    I want to use one of these for my windows vista. How can I?

  • Chathura Asanga the “iNTRUDER”

    This is really nice!
    Because these themes do not violate the user interface so that we can’t see letters in various applications.And those are great than all the other desktop themes….

  • 9_6

    Hey thanks a lot buddy! Nice article.

  • mido

    That’s great, thanks. But how do I change the color of the windows taskbar?

  • none

    Anyone have an Ubuntu theme for Windowblinds? I already use Windowblinds and it would be easier to switch. Thanks.

  • Aleksander

    What’s the meaning of making windows look like Linux, when Linux is free and better. you can just go to the store and buy a package of CD’s. Go home and burn that Linux Distro you want, and putt it in your computer, and install it!
    Change to Linux!

  • Jhon F. Ortiz O.

    Hello! Thanks for this information. I will apply this theme on any computer that will repair. So long!

  • EcKstasy

    try installing ubuntu instead……
    on there, is a guide to easily installing ubuntu using a live(usb/cd)
    You should try the real thing instead of putting false themes on a bloated OS.
    (the, puts _us_.. the linux world down by copying our distro’s themes and putting them on a commercial piece of s***)

  • aman

    thanks, i love the ubuntu v 1.0 final,.. nice theme for different point of view of xp,..

  • Anish

    cool cool! I like human v1.0 and clearlooks ubuntu compact . Thanks for sharing :)

  • Anonym

    I don’t know the meaning of adding Linux themes to Windownz if Linux is free, and BETTER! And Linux looks more like Linux and than themes. The Ubuntu theme is not like this one.

  • Anonym

    I don’t know the meaning of adding Linux themes to Windownz if Linux is free, and BETTER! And it looks more like Linux and this themes. The Ubuntu theme is not like this one.

  • Download Free Software

    Thanks for sharing this, I really appreciate it.

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  • Akshat


  • Gareth

    Excellent. Now when I have to occasionally bual-boot into windoze to run something I can’t get working in wine, I don’t have to hang my head in shame if anyone sees my desktop. Finally my guilty secret is between me and my laptop.

    Thanks :-)

  • Masheleza

    Ubuntu is the best, I see myself changing to ubuntu 11.04, this great thanks guys!!!

  • engagement rings

    I have used the StyleXP and windows blind skins but i haven’t found the skins of ubuntu for XP. Hope some will know the idea about it. I searched on the google but couldn’t found the efficient results.