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Top free Download Managers for windows

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We all download loads of softwares and tools everyday from the internet. Some of us have download queues that never end. Not all of us have high speed connections though.

So the best thing to do is try some download managers for Windows that actually help you in managing your downloads efficiently and also help in speeding them up.

Top free Download Managers

  1. Download Accelerator Plus
  2. Download Accelerator Plus is a reputed download manager for Windows that claims to accelerate downloads 400% faster. There’s a free and a premium version. The free version is ad-supported. One good feature of Download Accelerator Plus is that it lets you preview files while they’re being downloaded. Tabbed Interface is new in the latest version of Download Accelerator Plus. Get Download Accelerator Plus

  3. FlashGet
  4. FlashGet is another popular download manager for Windows that boasts to raise download speeds by 6 to 10 times. While that may be a daunting figure, FlashGet has very good features like the ability to run virus checks once file download is complete. Flash Get also supports MMS, RTSP and eMule protocols. File categorization is also supported. Grab Flash Get.

  5. Free Download Manager
  6. Free Download Manager is an open source download manager for windows that has loads of useful features including BitTorrent support, audio/video file previewing and others. The latest version of Free Download Manager has the ability to download YouTube video files as .FLVs and convert them. You can also make a portable version of Free Download Manager that you can carry around in your USB flash drives. Get Free Download Manager

  7. Fresh Download – Downloads Manager
  8. Fresh Download Manager has most features that a download manager should have, like scheduling, resuming/pausing downloads. In addition, it has many tools like a built in Zip file extractor. Fresh Download Manager easily integrates with all popular browsers. Get Fresh Download Manager.

  9. Orbit
  10. Orbit is the favourite choice for the current web 2.0 generation. It integrates well with IE and Firefox, and can download stuff (videos, music and more) from web 2.0 sites like YouTube, Myspace, etc. RapidShare integration is a cool feature that Orbit download manager has. Get Orbit.

  11. Star Downloader
  12. Star Downloader was one of the earliest download managers for Windows. Like in any other download manager, you could categorize downloads. Star Downloader integrates well with popular browsers. Plus, Star Downloader allows you to download all files of a certain type from a website. Get Star Downloader

My favourites are DAP and Free Download Manager. What are your favourites? Tell me if I’ve missed any!

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September 25th, 2007 at 9:23 am

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  • Nice from Thailand

    My most wanted feature is mms and rtsp support
    It look like only flashget and orbit can provide this feature.

    Flashget was my default for a long time since it’s somewhat the first to offer mms/rtsp support
    but when it went to version 1.8, I began to dislike it and started looking for an alternative

    then I found orbit
    Orbit if great, but it lacks of good category/folder management. Even I manage my dl in categories, it still go in one folder
    and that web2.0 feature (detecting .flv hidden in flash vdo/aud) is no use for me, since maxthon browser can do that to, automatically

    one day I came across Free Download Manager. the fact that it’s open source make me expecting for some cool feature
    I’m happy with it now, and hope it’ll support mms/rtsp soon

  • Jake

    My favorite download manager for Firefox is DownThemAll!. I also like KGet, but it is only for Linux.

  • Haris

    Among the free download managers, I have only use DAP. As being free, it’s the best. I haven’t tried the rest.

  • Raj

    DAP used to have spyware components few years ago, not sure whats the status now.

    In case you haven’t tried Getright, you must. That’ll leave all other download managers behind in terms of performance!

  • RJ

    A good list of download managers.

    Most I have tried after using FDM. I found myself falling back on FDM each time I tried an alternative. And thus have stuck with FDM.

    The only issue I have with FDM is it’s incompatibility with RapidShare downloads, the few that I go through. Since it’s only a few, it really is not a bother.

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Nice: FDM is a great download manager, thanks for sharing your experiences with us!
    @Jake: Haha! I too use only DTA, since I download less nowadays. It’s a great addon to Firefox though :)
    @Haris: Do try the rest, especially FDM :)
    @Raj: I’ll try it :) Thanks for dropping by to comment!
    @RJ: Thanks for sharing your views. FDM wins hands down when compared to other download managers :)

  • Madhur Kapoor

    I have tried the TOP 3 and for me Flashget does the best Job .

  • ram

    I used only DAP, flashget seems to be a good option i will try that one

  • Brown Baron

    Looks like there are some here that I haven’t tried yet. Of course now that you listed them, I can’t help myself .. I just have to try them out haha.

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Madhur: FlashGet seems to be some people’s favourite.
    @Ram, Brown: Do try them!

  • indyank

    lemme try orbit…i haven’t used it before…

  • Mauritian

    Me I have used Mass downloader.
    It is not free but you have a trial of 30 days.
    You can choose the amount of threads for any given downloads, as long as the server permits it.

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @indyank: Orbit is cool, try it for yourself.
    @Mauritian: Thanks for sharing your opinion. :)

  • abhishek bhatnagar

    flashget is the best according to me…on the other hand orbit agian good in some aspects like downloading multimedia content from web.

  • Ajith K Punnoose

    Nice post but for all to know I have tried DAP on many machines and all I( can say is that it is plain CRAP.. what do you think Shankar?

  • syahid ali

    i use an extension as my download manager. maybe you should give downthemall a try shankar. nice list though.

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Abhishek: Flash Get is what many seem to prefer :)
    @Ajith: DAP is good, except for the ads that appear in the free version.
    @Syahid: I’ve DownThemAll installed :) and I use it most of the time.

  • Shashank

    I use Flashget as my torrent downloader and i find it better than bittorrent and others.. just learnt abt some of the download managers out there : D

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  • stevenbalak

    hi thanks

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