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Stop Yahoo! Messenger from starting up with Windows

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Yahoo! Messenger is a popular Instant Messenger for Yahoo! users. Most of you download it, and use it only occasionally. Yahoo! Messenger, by default, starts up when Windows starts. If you don’t like Yahoo Messenger starting up with Windows, you’ll have to remove it from the start up list in msconfig. But, the fact is that it doesn’t work.

Yahoo Messenger starts up everytime windows starts?

Even if you remove the Yahoo Messenger program from the msconfig start up list, it rewrites itself into the startup list again. There’s a way to get rid of this. Here’s how:

  • Start Yahoo Messenger
  • Sign in with your Yahoo ID
  • In the menu bar, click Messenger and then go to Preferences
  • In the window that appears, uncheck ‘Automatically startup Yahoo Messenger’
  • Press ‘Apply’, ‘OK’


There you have it. Yahoo! Messenger will no longer open when Windows starts.

Written by admin

October 29th, 2007 at 7:03 am

  • Simonne

    I’ve also noticed that. Although I use YM, I don’t like it to load when Windows starts, because starting the computer takes ages already. Good tip!

  • ram

    I didn’t notice this, i always remove it from Msconfig and it again comes back when ever i use it. Good tip

  • Ashwini

    hey ram, even I use msconfig earlier….
    for those who don’t know the msconfig method,

    1.Run>> msconfig
    2.Startup tab
    3.uncheck Ypager,Ymessenger.

    this method can be used for all IMs .

  • Ramkarthik

    Never knew this before. I’ll have to start using it because I use only Gmail most of the times and Yahoo is simply sitting in the system tray. :)

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Simonne: Even I don’t like it loading during start up. Glad you liked this tip :)
    @Ram: Yep it comes back again and again. This will help :)
    @Ashwini: Thanks for that quick info :D
    @Ram Karthik: Do remove it, and save some of your PC resources :)

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  • James – DigitalKeyToInfo

    Thanks for the msconfig note. I had forgotten that one and have been trying to remember how to stop some of that junk starting up.

  • Alfred

    I use msconfig too, otherwise there are too many programs that run on startup

  • Magic

    I do msconfig to stop it.

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @James: You’re welcome.
    @Alfred: Even I use msconfig once in a while to clean up stuff.

  • TechMalaya

    nice one. if you are looking to disable other startup applications easily, you can try these startup tools. I personally recommend “Startup Inspector” or “Starter”.

  • ram

    I use msconfig too,

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @TechMalaya: Thanks for sharing that link. It’ll be quite useful :)
    @Ram: Yep, many people do. But still that can’t really stop Y! Messenger from loading when Windows boots.

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  • luv

    you can use msconfig in the run option

  • Kurt Budiarto

    If you use msconfig, it will come back again and again. Just like MSN Messenger if you use the msconfig method. This method will definitely prevent Yahoo! Messenger from starting at startup.

  • Becky

    Very useful info!!! Thanks a bunch :-)

  • Nafees

    não consigo instalar o yahoo messenger 9.0,em portugues e nem inglês,quando chega em 4% a instalação da pau,da erro,porque esta acontecendo isto…me respondam por favor,e me digam porque esta acontecendo este erro.aguardo resposta

  • ishi

    hey.. i just downloaded a yahoo messenger beta. my problem is… i cant open my account. how is that?? pls… help me how to open the ym.

  • Disable access to yahoo Preference by Registry

    Hi everybody !

    I have a poblem and don’t know how to prevent.
    There’re so many people using my computer and changing the setting of Preferences in yahoo Messenger. I don’t want they change my setting in yahoo Messenger. So could anybody teach me how to disable access to Yahoo Preferences.

    Please reply in soon.
    Thanks so much.

  • Nozy

    i would like to apologise to yahoo team.please do stop my yahoo messenger i wasnt ready and didnt know what i was doing.please stop.

  • whit

    Thanks for the tip! It just made my Friday! :)

  • Vj

    Thank you for the excellent answer it helped me a lot… But I think, doing such things in msconfig is not good because it only ask many questions…

  • SB

    I go the msconfig way too but when I restart my computer….it comes back..soooo at messenger itself seems to be the best

  • Angela

    I have searched everywhere to find out why messenger started automatically, so this has been a huge help!

    It has done the trick so, thanks heaps!

  • Leaveme0001