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Automatic restarting problem with Nokia 3110c mobile phone

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My Dad bought a Nokia 3110c mobile recently (a good phone, I should say) but it started giving some trouble in a few days. The Nokia 3110 classic mobile phone automatically switches off and restarts randomly.

Nokia 3110c

I tried Googling, found no exact solution to this problem but still I’m compiling all the information that I was able to gather from support forums and other real life sources regarding the Nokia 3110c restarting problem:

The Problem with Nokia 3110c – Switching off and automatically restarting

This is what happens. Nokia 3110 hangs, gets switched off and restarts randomly. More often, it restarts around 3 times or so and then gets switched off.

Possible Causes and Solutions

Cause 1 – Phone Memory Full – Nokia 3110c mobile phone has got 9MB of internal memory.

Solution – Keep the free space between 350 to 500 KB, so as to keep things running smoothly on your phone and prevent Nokia 3110c from restarting.

Cause 2 – Changing Themes – Some people have reported that the phone restarts automatically when they try changing display themes on the phone.

Solution – Don’t get your phone loaded with too many themes downloaded from the internet or atleast, don’t switch themes frequently. These themes, mind you, also load up things into your already falling Nokia 3110c phone memory.

Cause 3 – Memory Cards – Some people have reported that Nokia 3110c restarts due to some issues with the memory card.

Solution – Remove the card, get it formatted and then insert it back and then restore factory settings. This just might solve the issue.

Cause 4 – Transferring data via Blueooth / USB data cable (or) Updating Music Library – A few people have reported that their Nokia 3110c mobile phone restarts when updating the music library.

Solution – Don’t try updating of music library frequently or don’t often transfer data in/out of your Nokia 3110c phone.

Cause 5 – MP3 files

Solution – This may seem dumb, but consider converting all your MP3 music files to WMA and then store them on the memory card. Some users suggested this.

Disclaimer – Follow the suggested solutions at your own risk. The author is not responsible for any damage caused to your phone.




All that I listed above are JUST possible causes and solutions, there’s no word from Nokia yet on why this particular restarting problem is happening with their Nokia 3110c models. So, try the above methods – your problem could get solved, or for worse, it may remain.

But don’t forget one thing – Keep updating your Nokia Firmware (the software that runs on your Nokia 3110 mobile). Nokia frequently releases updates to firmware, and most probably this might be a bug with the Nokia 3110c classic software itself. All that you should do is occasionally check for updates from Nokia for Nokia 3110c mobiles, and install them at once. Here’s a quick guide on updating your Nokia 3110 phone firmware. Also, you can check out another of my posts on how to backup your contacts, messages and other settings on your Nokia mobile phone.

I hope this information helps people who really need it. I’ll be continuously updating this post with the information I’ll be getting, so keep tuned.

You’re more than welcome to post your queries and suggestions in the comments section down below

Nokia 3110c Themes

Hey everyone, I just wrote a post listing some themes for this particular model. To check those, please read my post on free Nokia 3110c themes.

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November 28th, 2007 at 1:45 pm

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  • TechDune

    ohh..I have not got any problems like that till now..anyways my friends might have such problems i will send them a mail..

  • Innovations & interesting Ramblings

    and Shankar, more importantly make sure that it is an original Nokia mobile phone and not a mobile made in china or some other rogue manufacturers…

    always get the warranty and the bill for your phone….if you had purchased it recently, get the problem sorted through the right channels…make use the warranty period…

  • Nirmal

    I think you should take it to the service center before tying out anything on it, thats the best solution since it covers in warranty.

  • Shashank

    All the causes you mentioned are becoz of faulty firmware ..reinstall the firmware maybe you get lucky after it… or do what Nirmal has suggested as its in warranty

  • sampATH KUUMAR

    if you have this prbl.The Nokia 3110 classic mobile phone automatically switches off and restarts ran. try this

    When ever u connectng to PC , u just sacn with Anti-virus (avira-anti virus is recondamended )ur micro-SD,then dump into SD wht ever u want (MP3/data). After that disconnect to PC then switch OFF and ON ur mobile. u never get this probl. again

  • ajit

    thanks for ur information , i have this problem & may i know any software is there for installing ,if yes then please send it to my id

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @TechDune: Sure, do inform others if anyone’s got a problem.
    @Innovations: Yep, thanks for the heads up on that.
    @Nirmal, Shashank: Yep, I agree. It’s important that it’s taken to the service centre than trying things ourselves.

  • Haris

    The memory full problem has started becoming very common in the latest Nokia phones :( I just bought Nokia N73 (has 40MB interneal memory), and after transferring 4 6MB music files, it started giving me errors of Memory Full. So then, before transferring the 6th file, I had to move the other files first into the memory card.

  • Jalaj

    I too have Nokia 3110C purchased in September… I don’t remember any unexpected reboot, but would feel bad if such things happen. Is this problem with 3110c only? or happens with most Nokia phones!

  • Jalaj

    The link for firmware upgrade leads to a page that tells about upgrade to N70, N72, 6630, 6680 and 6682 S60. Is it applicable for 3110c? and 3110c don’t have tools folder as mentioned on the page…

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @Jalaj: Well yes, the page talks about a particular model though some steps are applicable generally. You need to back up first using Nokia PC suite and then download the updater.exe.

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  • crazy

    I need help with this phone nokia 3110c i have a problem my phone restart when i update library (in Musci Player) with card (micro SD/Trans Flash) i don`t now what i do i contact the customer and nothing she says go out the card.I change two cards Micro SD and the problem persist PLEASE HELP ME.
    PS: sorry for my bad english.

  • Will Oldham

    As far as I have heard Nokia 3110c is good with many features. From the poblem description, it seems firmware update is necessary.

  • Xpeed

    I used to have this problem with my 3110c, it turned out to be a full phone memmory, so I deleted unnessesary file.
    It worked perfectly!

  • vino

    thanks for solving my doubts….!!!!!

  • vino

    can anyone pls tell me a site for dowmloading antivirus as java script for our 3110c

  • crazy

    vino how you solved this problem please help me

  • vino

    hi crazy!!!! keep ur phone memory always free…don’t change the themes frequently….don’t update ur music library frequently…..

  • vijay

    The Nokia 3110 classic mobile phone automatically switches off and restarts randomly.

  • vino

    hey vijay!!!don’t worry i also hav the problem!!! please refer the solution suggested above!!!!

  • good idea

    keep ur phone memory always free…don’t change the themes frequently….don’t update ur music library frequently…..
    it would be better to:Don’t turn on you phone.

  • Kumar

    I too faced the same problem, phone used to restarting even without memory card, but after restarting it a couple of times it starts to work properly.

  • LoiS

    My phone with only 15 days, turn off, with memory full. Never worked again. Nokia said that the problem was mine, internal problem, my fault, after 22 days waiting and problem unsolved.
    Now my phone operator said ” please actualize the software of your phone, go to a NOKIA near you, it is better to the phone… “. NOKIA is joking with clients!!!!!

  • Trust

    My nokia 3110c is restart too but it always restart esp. I remove battery (’cause sometimes I change sims. I have 2 sims) and then my phone will restart about 2 times and finally shut down.

    I remove card and format with card reader as FAT and then reset my phone to original factory and put card after reset the phone. It’s work for me.

  • gopi

    Hi guyz! i have nokia 3110c taken 20 days back. I’ve imported images(5) and videos(2)through bluetooth from sonycybershot mobile. After nearly 7 hrs later, i selected all of them and started moving them to my memory stick at a time from my phone memory. During that transfer, my cellfone lost it’s signal and desktop appeared with entire screen white colored and then switched off. Even though i switched on, the same abnormality appeared.I removed memory stick, inserted it into my laptop, deleted all the data and scanned it(but not formatted) but no virus detected. After removal of memory stick,my phone showed the same abnormal behavior for one time and then started working normally. So I again inserted my memory stick and contacted customer care where Iwas told that the mobile was with virus and needs to be formatted. But i’ve not yet given for formatting.
    The next day when i tried to change my theme to zodiac from other, again my fone showed the same problem of losing it’s signal and desktop turning white colored(but not switched off). So i think, now it may be the problem of themes. But when i’m playing sudoku game, in between also, i’m facing the same abnormality. Thanks to NOKIA team for such a great software development. Battery also not upto the specifications it seems.
    Got a feeling that even motorola/sony mobiles also can perform well compared to nokia

  • vino

    hi gopi!! don’t worry pls follow the suggestion given above!!

  • crazy

    i don`t now what i can do with this phone :( ( my memory is free 5.3 MB and still restarting no changes themes no use update library wtf ? nokia sucks

  • vino

    hi crazy!!! don’t worry!!! if u hav memory card in u r mobile pls scan the card for any viruses !!if there any virus the mobile will restart!!!!

  • vino

    can anyone can pls tell what is security module in our mobile!!! how to insert the security module

  • crazy

    hi vino i don`t found any antivirus to scan memory card i use bluetooth to connect my pc please recommend any antivirus to scan my memory card.

  • akash

    the problem of restart mobile due to uploading music from memory card can
    solve by restore factory setting.

  • abhishek

    hey thr’s one good solution if ur 3110c is restarting that is u just have to remove ur battery mmc and clean it nicely with the cotton or the pure cotton cloth clean the slot and the mmc also for the best results… i am telling this cos it worked with my cell phone…enoy!!!

  • Rupesh

    Hey All,
    I too had this issue with Nokia 3110. One resolution for that issue I found is like,
    1. PLEASE KEEP ALL UR SONGS UNDER “Music” folder in the SD Card.
    2. DELETE ALL SUBFOLDERS OF “Music” Folder.

    The device wont get that much task for updating the Music Library next time.

  • gilang

    this mobile phone has many problem inside the mobile phone..
    all of the cause that you type i have to prevent and all the solutions is totally right.. but the problem always come and come.. what should i do?

  • vino

    hi crazy!!! u hav to connect u r mobile using data cable and scan using mcafee antivirus software!!!!!

  • crazy

    vino i use bluetooth to connect my phone to computer.

  • vino

    hey crazy!!!!!using bluetooth u cannnot scan u r mem card!!! only using data cable u scan u r mem card

  • http://none Soulfly

    I also experience same problem… My phone keeps on restarting then I tried to removed my mem. card and restore the factory settings of my phone to deafult and insert back my mem. card and it w0rkz!!!!

  • crazy

    My phone is in guaranty and i use this now i waiting…to repair my phone.

  • ankur gupta

    ye phone to madarchoad hai tum sab bhi madarchoad ho……

  • ankur gupta

    ye phone to madarchoad hai tum sab bhi madarchoad ho……mmmm

  • sarosh

    my nokia 3110c memory is full and I also allow the phone lock
    now when I start my mobile then it needs a code and when I enter tha code the mobile will hang i can not delting ma memory
    some budy help me?

  • mofunn

    thanks a lot man

  • dev

    i had the same problem but i formated my merory card & then inserted it empty in the phone it worked. hope it will work with u also.

  • khasscorpio

    anyone tried changing covers???i tried changing but i cant remove,is there any special way or trick to remove it?
    cover i meant to say the cassing.

  • mohit chugh

    sir i have the same problems that u have
    so plz suggest me that whether i sholud got to nokia care for replacement
    of this mobile
    or there is any solution

  • Shankar Ganesh

    @mohit: you must take your mobile to the care centre, that should resolve your issues. they’ll provide you good support.

  • vivan

    hi guys the same problem persists
    but when i scanned the mobile after removing i saw a lot of 0 kb files in the gallery
    after i deleted them the phone became normal

  • crazy

    Shankar Ganesh when your phone was delivery from care centre exactly what repair on it?
    software update?

  • Vivek

    I have my uncle working in the NOKIA and he has been a software debugger in the NOKIAfor a four and a half years (joined in 2003), and he is who gifted me this NOKIA 3110c. Unfortunately, I too had the same problem,As he says, ……It’s a long story off.. Contact me at I have a better and reliable solution.
    Or call me at 9779841772611 (Vivek) – Pronounced as Bee-Bek

  • crazy

    i have been updated my software in the care center and my phone works great this is the solution update your software.

  • Ron

    hi! i also have those problems too. my remedy is a contrast of the mentioned above cause i usually update the music player time to time especially when it occurs and usually it works. when could nokia will release a new firmware for n3110c? and another is if i drop this to nokia care center, it will be a guarantee that this problem will never occur again?

  • nilesh jaiswal

    hi this is nilesh i have nokia 3110c
    whenever i update my music libary it restart
    i have a 1 GB memeory card

  • Arkeyar

    Hi vivan,
    How u scanned ur mobile ???


  • vivan

    just removed the memory card
    inserted the data cable
    using pc suite clicked the file manager icon
    den phone memory
    you ‘ll see a lot of 0 kb files delete it and then
    resore to factory settings
    phone will be back to normal

  • vivan

    @aryekar try this

  • Arkeyar

    Hey vivan,
    U meant the filenames in the same folder structure as Gallery, say filenames by the name AD AE AT AU BE …….


  • vivan

    yes the same two alphabetic files
    still make sure dat you have had a backup of your phone before you do this


  • Kiran


    I am also facing the same problem. and Nokia care told me that use 512 MB Card it will solve the problem. But i don’t want to do that because they have told that we support upto 2 GB. than why should i use 512??. hey have you found its permanent solution rather than updating firmware. Because today i am in warranty period but what if warranty is over???. can i make complaint against Nokia in Consumer court???please reply me ASAP..THANKS Kiran Patil,baroda

  • siddhartha

    here is the solution for the 3110c restarting problem…
    i also hav nokia 3110c…….it used to have the same problems…..just go to nokia’ customer centre n tell them to put the sortware which is coming in the new 3110c…….i have done the same thing n now my phn working f9……the new 3110c is coming with a new software which is an improved version of the older one……..they will take maximum 1 hr to change the software n den ur phn will start working great

  • Barkha

    I have purchased new nokia 3110C in december last week.
    I am also getting the same problem.
    please help me.

  • Tim

    i have the same problem… damn.. but i suggest you dnt put mp3′s but convert it first to wma.. and dnt put high resolution 3gp… i hve the latest firmware in my phone.. v5.50.. it works perfectly from dec. 16, 2007 – jan 16, 2007… i got my memory card of 1gb loaded up to 800mb+ and the problem starts when i loaded two more high quality videos, sum of 3 high quality videos

  • siddhartha

    just tell dem to again reinstall d soft ware with b 5.50

  • siddhartha

    sorry………..v 5.50

  • abhishek

    hey this is abhishek… telling u all i dono wats the problem but even my mob gets restarted again and again i hav updated my phone time to time one remedy was could remove the memory card clean it with cotton then use the same but this is also not working its gone damid if u give it to nokia care they will take one or two months for no reason this phone sucks i tell ppl not to buy….. this problem occurs again and again i am givin gaurentee…….

  • Ayon

    i have the same problem… damn.. ………..
    Dnot go to nokia’ customer centre

  • basha

    I have purchased new nokia 3110C in december last week.
    I am also getting restarting again and again the same problem.
    please help me.

  • Bryan

    I got a 3110c for Christmas, and today my phone just suddenly went off. When I try to turn it on, it does exactly as described. I removed the SDcard and it functioned normally except when I put it on again.

    What a pain. Thanks guys, I’ll try some of these suggestions.

  • Vignesh

    I am using 3110C for the past two weeks and I find one more failure mode wherein the mobile restarts:

    1. While in a call with handsfree earphones attached, disconnect the handsfree and reconnect again (while still in the call), your mobile will happily restart :(

    2. No success with any java application accessing internet, especially cricket score utilities from rediff and indiatimes. Built in Yahoo Go is also useless.

    Seems that the price of 3110C has dropped considerably, I bought it for Rs. 5000 on 14 Jan 08, and it is now Rs. 4750, from the same vendor! Such a high selling phone, why Nokia doesnt listen to the user issues?

  • nafaz

    hey people thank you for the information. The restarting thing was the exact problem in my phone. the best thing i would suggest is to claim ur warranty on ur phone this probabbly might be a manufacturing defect.

  • manish

    i have purchased new nokia 3110C in 1st week of november
    my mobile also getting restart i had repair my mobile at nokia care but still there is same problem.
    please help me.

  • vivek malhotra

    i purchased nokia 3110c in the month of june 2007.
    But frm 2 weeks i am noticing that my mobile gets restarted automatically.
    What is the cause and the solution for the same?
    plz reply as soon as possible.

  • Anil

    When we asks you for a solution. Don’t do this , don’t do that, can we call it as a solution . I don’t think so.

  • marto

    my phone is nokia 31110, when connecting with charger, it indicates, charger not supported. whats up. help

  • marto

    my phone is nokia 31110, when connecting with charger, it indicates, charger not supported. whats up. help me pliz!

  • marto

    my phone is nokia 3110c, when connecting with charger, it indicates, charger not supported. whats up. help me pliz!

  • Bappy

    I got NOKIA 3110c gifted by my aunty I was using n it work nicely but sudden it make restarting problem, 1st time it happened when I try to update my music, its start restarting 3 time n then shut down, I got 4 few second within that time if format my memory card it stop to restarting, but when I load music n update it start restarting again, now sometime its restart automatically with empty memory card I change memory but it still have the problem, 1st thought its happened 4 virus I scan with latest antivirus at my PC but there is nothing, my set have 3mb internal memory, I can’t find what to do?!!!!!!!! I go a mobile servicing center they told me it need to FLASH, I give them money they fix it work again I was happy but few days later when I chance sim card it happened again go the shop saw them they told it need FLASH again but it had risk may be set will be dead, I disagree wit them n came, My mobile version was v5.01 Today 1hour ago I download new ver from nokia web n install v5.05 (new). It work again, I copy music by PC suit, I am observing my phone if its ok 4 ever I will tell u all, Ohh by the by if some1 can tell me how I get antivirus for my mobile? I try many site but I can’t some need money not for free, if possible friend will U help me by send information on
    Ok Bye all……………………………

  • biswarup

    hi this is biswarup, i purchase nokia 3110c decembar last week .i have the same restarting problem. i try —- 1 format micro SD card . 2. clean phone memory. 3 restore factory settings. but nothing worked . after then i say to my vendor to change my MIcro sd card , after changing my micro SD card my phone is work properly.
    NB:- before changing MY 1gb memory card, when i try to put some(over than 15 ) mp3 songs through my card reader it gives earror.

  • subi

    hai iam subi,i got a nokia 3110cmobile made in germany & it was working vry smoothly when i got,but after inserting 1GB SDMC and i downloaded musics,photos & video upto 600MB the phone starts showing restarting problems while playing games,watching videos & also while listening musics………. so wat idid is that i formated my MC by connecting my mobile directly to PC without removing MC & then formated & also scaned.Then i downloaded musics directly up to 300 files & nearly 50 small videos & i didnt stored any thing in phonesmemory.Because of that the phone is working properly without any problem……….so do 1 thing that leave the phone memorly as it is with a lot of speace…………………..

  • samuel

    thanx a lot. you are genius. Nokia doesn’t have any idea on what is happening with NOKIA 3110c and why it restarts, but you do. Thank you once again. i was able to solve my problem through your guide only.

  • Bappy

    Hi guys,
    I told u that i hav download new NOKIA 3110c firmware to solve this restarting problem, I was wrong it does not help me, Still now it hav the restarting n shutdown problem…….:-( :-( :-(

  • Joseph raj vikas

    The phone is restarting when i am updating the library and also when i am using web

  • Vijay

    So that means there is no permanent solution for this problem.
    if so why should we have to buy this phone? that means it is a failure model. This answer not satisfying me. sorry.

  • Shreyas Kulkarni

    Hi guys….
    I have read all ur posts and initially evn i was the on who took all these suggestion to solve the problem (restarting) that even i was facing and really i was a lot frustated and had once decided to change my cell.

    1) Solution for restarting when MUSIC library is Being updated or It restarts if there is MEMORY CARD in ur cell:
    Remane all the music files and tones and also the wallpapers what ever u have such that there are no symbols in it (!@#$%^&*><?”:)
    And also see to it that the files u are using as Wall paper or ring tone or msg tone and especially THEMES are stored in ur main memory. i.e phone memory.
    dont upload more than 5 themes in ur cell.
    Upload only those themes only if they are compatible with ur cell.
    Don’t upload other themes and dont try applying them.
    IMPORTANT: Never let ur cell get discharged completly. And also charge ur cell by keeping ur cell ON…..
    There is a new version of soft ware (v 5.50) is available on NOKIA website update it…
    I think u shouldn’t be having ant problem after that.

  • yoswt

    i just wanna know where is the latest firmware available or has it already released? anyone can tell me?

  • Shreyas Kulkarni

    hi Yoswt…
    U need to download software updater frm nokia website… its der for free download… then ur software will be updated automatical….

  • Rodger

    I also got the same problem with my 3110c . dsn’t giv any opinions for this damn prob.
    we gotta find some thing to solve this.
    The fault is in the music library updater is the the visible fault.
    we could install another music player downloaded from da internet.
    lets try it..
    good luck all…

  • Rodger

    I just rmmbrd it gotta be the micro sd.
    it gotta be compatible with nokia.
    i got a thaiwan one.
    i think itz da problem.

  • syrell

    my 3110c today feb.28,2008,at around 8pm, my phone keeps on restarting, i didnt even drop it even once, it is new, bought at dubai november 2007. gee.. keeps on restarting even w/o sd or sim card.. help me pls!!

  • Shankar Ganesh


    Guys, it seems that a firmware update fixes this problem.

    Go update your firmware. If you need any help, read on:

  • Mr Salman Ali Shaikh

    Hi Sir i have Nokia 3110c. I have problem of Automatic Restarting Phone so what can i do It?

  • Hi sir i am parimal i have nokia 3110c it is very restart what can i do

    My mobail very restarted what can i do

  • Johan Darmana

    Hi…. some day ago, I have the same problem.. I try to contact neatesst Nokia Service Center. They said that the softawe (firmware) of my phone should be updated.. and now the prolem is solved… ;-)

  • mayuresh

    me too had a similar problem with my nokia 3110c
    it used to get restarted automatically many times after updating msic library……i went to nokia care for the same and they upgraded my music player software…………also i replaced my 1 GB memory card…..i think this can help

  • mayuresh

    my nokia 3110c phone cannot apply screensaver…….wat can i do????
    also theres a white strip appears on the wallpapers of themes downloaded
    pls suggest something

  • Sachin B.

    My Nokia 3110 hangs, gets switched off and restarts randomly. More often, it restarts around 3 times or so and then gets switched off

  • turbanator

    hi guys………
    even i had the same problem..the solution is dont frequently change the themes, and when ever u add save music in ur fone. restart ur will work fine.atleast it worked for me.

  • turbanator

    hi guys………
    even i had the same problem..the solution is dont frequently change the themes, and when ever u add save music in ur fone. restart ur will work fine.atleast it worked for me.
    all the best.

  • Mann_Nsr

    Hi frined. hav nice day, I hav Nokia 3110c I also faced this problem of reseting of my mobile freqentlry . I use. 1gb mem card. having 600mb filled with mp3. I have solved my problem thro nokia care with refressing my software. Now its working well no reset no bugging.
    Being Punjabi.. one thing more.
    Main kiha g Sat shri akal Sabh nu
    Apne mobile da software update karwa lao te firr balle balle, Ho sakda hai ke mobile da pehlan wala software 1gb te upar support na karda hove. Software update naal theek ho janda. hai.
    Sat shri akal g. .. Sabh Chardi kala Raho.

  • Manav


    I m geetaing problem in using Nokia 3110 while updating Music library some times it switched off. then restarts 2-3 times and switched off parmanently. some times only after Switch off the mobile same problem persists. Today i format my Memory card and reinsert it but the problem is still persists it is not geeting start with Memory card but it’s working without Card. Please tell me how i can format my phone. or if any solution is there please guide me.

  • avinash

    thanks for the help

  • avinash


  • haplessitis

    it seems that nokia have alrealy know such existed bugs,and they still release it to the markect.this promble happens widely also in china.many customers have united to resort to nokia,still without any ultimate solution.does the firmware work with the chinese edition 3110C?

  • shararth

    i should really pity myself cos my mob (3110c) really restarts very often wen i change themes or update library or send msg at a time to many. and many more…. im really feed up, im a student, cant buy a new one again…. so wen i visited this site i hav small hope… let me update firmware and come bac wit my feed back… bye guys….

  • trust

    I recommended to up new firmware 6.01 at nokia care nearly your home. I just updated it and it works well now. :D

  • Nehru

    when browsing the mobile will be automatically restrat , i gave my mobile to nokia care but no use, he said ur mobile send to cochin,after also same problem will continue, what can i do

  • Ankit

    My Nokia 3110c restarting automtically how can i solve this problem. I not done any activity if it continously swith off and on. Please help me “as quick as”

  • Manav Malhotra

    Dear All Try the Following Solution to get ridoff Restarting problem of Nokia 3110c.

    I had a same problem with my Nokia 3110c i found that Nokia 3110c is giving problem while using 1 GB Memory Card.
    Dear Friends If You are also using ! GB Memory Card You will Get this problem Because Due to some tecnical reasons Nokia 3110c is not supporting 1 GB card properly. so you can check it by using 512 MB Card it will work Properly.

    If anyone still wants to use 1 GB Memory Card so do 1 thing First,

    Format your Memory Card, then Flash Your Mobile and install a Software which will help your Mobile to Support 1 GB Memory Card. Then you can Enjoy your Nokia 3110c With 1 GB Memory Card.

    This Kind of Software is Available with Nokia Care(Service Centre)

    All The Best to All of you Hope This Advice will Help you alot to solve your Problem.

    Manav Malhotra

  • sankar

    sir very thank you but i have some fear. to do this. sir every 3110c is have the restarting problem

  • Manav Malhotra

    Dear Sankar Sir Have you tried will less than 1 GB Memory Card or without Memory Card n are all the Mobiles of Nokia 3110c giving the same problem.
    But i had the same problem before 1 weak but now my problem is resolved and my Nokia 3110c Touch wood is working absolutly fine. There is no problem even after updating the Music Library no restating probleb is there now but it was earlier.

    Manav Malhotra

  • Manav Malhotra

    Dear Sankar Sir Have you tried with less than 1 GB Memory Card or without Memory Card n are all the Mobiles of Nokia 3110c giving the same problem.
    But i had the same problem before 1 weak but now my problem is resolved and my Nokia 3110c Touch wood is working absolutly fine. There is no problem even after updating the Music Library no restating probleb is there now but it was earlier.

    Manav Malhotra

  • alvin

    uhm, hi everyone. i’ve tried to restore my phone to its factory settings but still it restarts again and again everytime i put music in it. i have a 1gb micro sd card, i’ve formatted it several times. what can i do? i’m a mac user that’s why i can’t use the pc suite, can you give me an installer of the pc suite for mac?
    thanks :D

  • sagan

    is there any soft ware which help to support java games and software in 3110c mobile

  • Thiruvenkadam

    Frequently restart my mobile 3110C when i am put the memory card working properly for nearly 10 to 20 days ofter that i download the some small softwares at that time automatically restart for 3 times after turn off and i update the mp3 lab. that time its also restart, what is reson for it

  • jc103

    guyz! i think itz because the phone has a small RAM(Random Allocated Memory) which is needed in a phone or computer processes to be executed. now i think this memory is having a point of time wherein it justs gives up making the device crash or restart. but through my experience with the fone, i think it wil eventually recover and work properly. at least thats what happened when my fone got the bug the first time and got fixed about a week or so. well anyway. i also found a temporary solution until the device gets fixed. just insert the sd card and open a pc and plug a usb cable to the pc. now open your fone and then quickly plug in the usb to your fone. the data cable menu will then come out where in you should choose data transfer. do this steps quickly so to prevent your fone from restarting. the phone will then display transferring data. now my theory is that as the phone transfers data, it lets the pc read the contents of the sd card removing the process of reading the contents of the sd card to the phone and thus frees some RAM. Transfer some files if you want. and then quit the data transfer mode and get out of the data cable menu and go to the music player. then update your library. then unplug the usb cable and your fone shoud be all set. Note: this will only work for about 10 hours. at least thats how long it took my fone to have the bug and crash again. i just keep doing this procedure everytime it crashes. Also do not let your fone turn off for it will have the bug again. also after it crashes, remove the battery and then put it back and turn on the fone to check if its already alright if not then repeat the procedure. hope it helps you just as it helped me.




    can i have update software 6.01?

  • neal

    I have a problem with my nokia 3110c. The phone is restarting when i open the theme folder, when i update music library, or using wap: but cannot solve it. i have formet my memery card & then after restore the settings. but it cant works…. pls give me some tips…

  • esb23

    hey! guys, try doing this…………never apply themes from your memory card, move all themes to phone memory and apply from there………. it works for me, my doesn’t experience that problem again since then, never store themes in memory card…………….

  • techrav

    For Nokia restart problem while updating library , theres only one definite solution sofar.. update to

    firmware version 6.01.
    Other solutions mentioned on internet like.. keep phone memory free..dont change themes.. may work for

    some however for most it never resolves the problem.
    And for those it worked, they may try putting in a 2 GB memory and copy mp3/aac/wmv files, then open

    music ibrary and try updating.. the phone may, in all probability, flash ..turn off,,restart,, di this

    for 2 more times before it runs of completely.

    Today ( Apr-5th-2008) went to Nokia care center in KPHB, Hyderabad (Devatha Communications). Enquired

    if they had version 6.01. When they said yes, udated the phone.. and finally tested it.. the problem is

    so for 3110c owners .. rush to Nokia care center if you are facing restart issues while updating music


  • Dil

    My Nokia 3100c phone also had the same problem after few days I have bought!It occured with changing a theme and began to restart automatically everytime and I thought it was with my memory card and I changed it with friend’s one but it didn’t stop.So I took it to a Nokia agent and they put the software again and problem was releived!Thank god I had the warrenty!

    Then after a month or so it suddenly began to restart and my memory card only half filled and when I removed it problem stop,but even when I put a formatted memory card it began again!

    Again I took to that agent and they told this happened because I was enetering GPRS!So they again put the spftware and still problem didn’t occur I too did’t log into internet through the phone!

    But my question is what is the use of paying that much and have to limit the fasciliteis we get from the phone!

  • Manoj Kumar

    Hi all,
    I am also using nokia 3110c mobile phone. Me too faced similar kind of problem(mobile restarting and switching off).
    And this occurs only when you insert a memory card.

    And also once this happens you have to remove your memory card to overcome this problem.

    But I have a solution for this.

    Whenever your phone wakes up from standby mode it will check for the last accessed files to be updated into the particular location.
    Thus if that location is improper or the file name changed, it lasts for a continous search, the code hangs and eventually the firmware (controlled by watchdog) makes it to reset.
    The inbuilt media player updates its library once it is opened after switching off and making the mobile On. And also the themes, screensavers and wallpapers. If there is no memory card, the firmware sets the default location for these. But if any memory card is present, the default location is overwritten to a location in the memory card and so if that is not present the code hangs.
    Other than this normal refresh by the phone itself, if the user wants to update the music player/ perform any application tasks/ updates themes, make sure that you have the files in different folders/sub folders and never put directly on to the memory card as file.
    Because, whenever u open memory card, the phone refreshes its content.

    Also the applications which are installed will create some dummy files to store some accessed values. So each application switched on should be exited properly. Otherwise it may result in damaged file by that application which when the application is again opened causes the same problem.

    In general,
    Use folders/ subfolders for each group of files(let it be themes, mp3, jar, 3gp, swf, etc) you use inside the memory card.

  • swapnil

    My phone nokia 3110c restart when inserting micro memory card having capacity of 1GB

  • swapnil

    my phone restarted when i insert micro memory card of 1GB memory

  • dhruv

    the restarting of nokia3110c is a very common problem (i myself had it with my phone) it can be very easily fixed by taking the phone to the nokia costumer care center(nokia care) and it is done free of cost if the phone is in

  • i have approached 4 times nokia care but m facing the same problem

    please give the solution

  • Mohamed

    Now …

    if any one buy a SMD Card then install in the phone … the phone automaticaly restart ?

    where i buy nokia 3110 C and the customer told me the machine with offer ( 1 GB SMD ) then told him ok but the shop not contain the MSD now so told me wait weak to request the MSD Card …

    my frindes told me the phone restart from MSD because Type of MSD and what made in ? >> so this speak correct ?

    thanks alot ..

  • GirRaj

    hi everybody
    nokia 3110c is a lol mobile phone because this have no other componenrs like usb cable,software disc etc. that is way it is wrong.

  • aravind

    hi dude…
    My name is aravind and i buyed N3110C mobile three days ago.. I think it works in good condition and the version is V6.01..

  • Mohi

    I am facing the same problem with my Nokia 3110c mobile. Also searching for a antivirus for Nokia 3110c mobile. If anybody knows abt it, pls reply me at


    hye i am swayan papu. my nokia 3110c keeps on restarting when 1gb msd is inserted. please suggest suitable measures to rectify this defect of restaring.also i required an antivirus for my phone…if any body knows, plss… u r requested to help me out…


    pls help me out . reply at

  • Mohamed

    hello ..

    i’m soluotion my problem … where this problem improve on type of memory card ,, in the nokia site 3110 C improved the nokia memory card only so you can buy a orginal card from nokia site and byebye restart !!

    and the Mobile 3110 C improved the kingstone memory card ,, i’m have the kingstone memory card .. no restart .. no problem .. :)

    thanks 4 evevr ..

  • Thiruvenkadam

    Hai. How to update the Latest Version V6.0 software for 3110C

  • justin prakkanam

    I am also using 3110c. purchased on Nov-2007. My mob have the problem of restart many times. Some times it happened at the time to try open music player, try to play some videos. or net access time it happens many times how can i over come this problem. Some time it does not support memory card. What is the problem. How can i update this.

  • jimmy desai

    Even giving the required nos. No mobile getting updation.Please send me the suggetion by SMS on My Mobile NO9429158591.

  • vijay

    good thing u did
    my phone restarts too when music player on
    when i clear the phone memory its not restarting now
    thanks buddy :-)

  • George

    i have also xperienced this problems with nokia 3110c.

    phone is infected with virus.this may be loaded in when u downloaded some files from internet using ur phone.this may also due to blue tooth may thus restart automatically repeatedly.this usually occurs while updating music library.sometimes this may become stable after removing/changing the memory card/sim. but will not cure permanently.

    TO DO:
    go to a nokia care centre.they will change the software.the latest version is almost problem free.. so far…

    try not to download anyting using innternet in ur phone.

  • vipin venu

    most times i cannot sent items through bluetooth or infrared.senting failed appears on the screen.

  • Ronnie

    i hav restart problem. but here i didnt find proper solution. thanks anyway.

  • Atul

    there is no software currently available for product code 0550573 via the Nokia Software Update tool.
    How can I Upgrade Firmware?.

  • Aditya

    Yo, thanks for the handy advice man! I was earlier freaked out with what my mobile was doing! As it was just 10 days since I had purchased it! No thanks to ur advice my mob is back in action!

    Thanks man!

  • prashant

    I am also using 3110c. purchased on Nov-2007. My mob have the problem of restart many times. Some times it happened at the time to try open music player, try to play some videos. or net access time it happens many times how can i over come this problem. Some time it does not support memory card. What is the problem. How can i update this.

  • anji

    hello can any body say me how to control the brightness of 3110c .i fetched a lot and cant.

  • rogi

    ahm..hi.. i have a problem with my phone… when i connect the USB cable in my phone and in my pc, suppose to be it will connect.. but why it can’t connect?

  • sasha

    evn my phone had the same prob (restart)
    i got its software updated, to the latest version (i.e V6.1) today from nokia service centre. still its giving prob in music player while updating!! music player is not starting :( !! this fone really sucks!!


    take the phone to nokia service center (authorised) and get it upgraded to ver 6.02. restarting problem doesnt persit anymore….!!!!!!!!!!

  • jay kasta

    dear all

    can anybody tell me where i find antivirus for nokia 3110c in *jar* format plz reply as early as possible because when I insert my memory card phone will be switched off automaticly



  • iwan_tesla

    Finaly I hawe hawe found the solution for restarting problem!
    1.Format your memory card
    2.Make shortcut on your mobile so u can access very fast to your media player
    2.2. In SETTINGS/MY SHORTSUTS/NAVIGATION KEY make it so that standby key is 2nd
    2.3. Get back to main screen and press DOWN key,options, select, select media player, and save, in organise shortcuts make it 1st and save your progress
    3.Upload up to 5 songs
    4. Update your media player, mobile will restart him self! BUT!!!…
    5. In order to stop restarting u have 3 sec to start updating music library again
    6. If u done all at step 2, u need to press fast one time down,central button,left blue line,down,central,up, and central (Need to be pressed in 3 seconds)
    7. If u success in this 6th step u hawe solwed problem!
    8. Next step is to upload next 5 songs and repeat steps 4-6
    (9.) If you cant press so fast buttons to restart uploading I suggest to create a folder named “Amp3″ so he can be first when u access to your memoru card so you could
    erase him fast to stop restarting, instead formating whole card (In SETTINGS/MY SHORTSUTS/LEFT SELECTION KEY(Make it Gallery, so you can access fast to memory card to delete folder “Amp3″))
    (10.)Buttons to erase “Amp3 folder” – While in main screen press : Left blue line,center,left blue line,down,center,center (Need to be pressed in 3 seconds)
    (11.)You hawe stopped restarting and kept pics, and images on memory card

    If this work at your phone just tell me because I would like to know did i helped :D

  • vaibhav ranipur

    ye phone jisne banaya hai bo bahut bada madarchod phone ko to nokia baalon ki gaan main dalo sabhi.

  • prem

    automatik restarting when using memory cards

  • S Khan

    The solution for auto restarting when using memory card.

    Delete SMS from the phone.
    The problem may be due to much SMS stored in your Nokia 3110C.

  • gokul sankar

    It may be due to a virus which will enter automatically when we transfer data from computers.If u have the guarantee period u can visit the nearest nokia dealer so that they will repair the phone

  • narendra

    i have approached 4 times nokia care but m facing the same problem on and i have faceing problams pls give me sulotion
    My phone nokia 3110c restart when inserting micro memory card having capacity of 1GB

  • shafqat

    i hv NOKIA 3110c its has restart problem..ALTHOUGH ITS PHONE MEMORY IS 3.6MB left and i had also UPDATED ITS FIRMWARE but whenever i change EVEN SYSTEM inbuild themes or when i put memory card my phone crashes..its restart 3 times n den it gets DEAD!i hv also visited NOKIA CARE but after few data transfer it gets again restarting problem. can u plz suggest any possible cause n solution of this problem????

  • khasscorpio

    0*80044403 when i connect with USB PC Suite isnt connecting with mobile give this errror code i mentioned…plz help..
    my mobile continously restarting without can do any function.removed mmc sim and still its continously restarting./..and giving error in msgs..msgs memory isnot ready.
    what the fuck this mobile is..
    plz tell me this eeror i really wana my sms retrieve back.plzzzzzzzzzz

  • khasscorpio

    Even when i try restoring…it says in the end Restoring failed.

  • javid

    me too having the same problem.if i transfer any data from a blue tooth device the phone s getting restarting continuously.tell me the web site which i can download the updating software. with step by step

  • Rahul

    Before i thought that nokia mobiles were good but now it just sucks!!!!!!!!

  • vTa

    I bought it may 2008, firmware version 6.01.
    It first starts with restarting while opening a big folder on the sd card, and now it restart 3 times when i on it !
    Do somebody know a way to install a firmware with a phone that cannot turn on ? (i can still see it on the pc even if it’s off but pc suite doesnt see it)

  • Seye

    The solution is on http://WWW.SEYEONLINE.BLOGSPOT.COM !!!!
    Thats the most effective solution i had ever seen!


    Hi I am Somnath. i am Student of MBA-IT.1 Year ago i had buy NOKIA 3110c. i have Bad habbit of using Bluetooth
    techonology. Cause of there is Virus in my mobile. i have spend lots of time and money for Removing it, but i cant.

    But Good news is FINALLY i have finind the Formating Code. follow these Steps :

    1) Switch off your Mobile phone.
    2) Remove the Memory Card.
    3)Switch on The Mobile.
    4) press *#7780# on your mobile
    5) phone will ask you Security Code
    6) Enter security code by Default 12345 if You had not Change
    7) then Mobile will Restart and VIRUS will Gone
    8) before Inserting memory card after formatting Please insure that there is no VIRUS in Card
    9) 1 Suggestion for All of ” PLEASE DONT INSTALL ANY NOKIA NTH THEMES “

  • vTa

    I don’t have the time to type *#7780# and the cellphone reboot before the 4 in 12345 …
    I just brought it in a shop that have J.A.F and they change the system files with a special box, so now it’s starts and the system is 6.01 but very light and no app or themes ! (witch is the the best light basic theme is black you know ? )
    it costs me 10 bucks :/

  • Nokia

    I was suffering from that same restarting while inserting my SD card….

    But read somewhere…….that keep ur phone memory b/w 300kb nd 600kb….the issue will be solved…

    I have done the same….my ph memory is now 537kb free…

    Now dont have any problems of restarting……I know its not full proof…..but atleast worked for me… :)

    There is no harm…..just give it a try….nd if it works….Enjoy…..

    Come on……. just try nd see……..

    nd for SWAYAN…… the new version 6.01 or 6.02 ???????
    Nokia has 6.01 for 3110c, nd not heard of 6.02. Pls clarify.

  • Laxmeesh

    One SOLUTION———– (must read it….)

    !!!!!!!!!! FINALLY RESTART PROBLEM RESOLVED—–!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey finally restart problem of nokia 3110c ended….

    Currently software version is 5.50 but ,

    Go to NOKIA CARE CENTER and ask them to update the phone software with Ok…….

    NO more problems…. Enjoy…
    I hope I resolved your problem…
    U ppl always reach me @

  • Angols

    I updated my phone version to 5.50. But still I have the restart phone. What a crap phone this is.

  • Ben

    OK, I hope this is of help to everyone. Basically, Nokia doesn’t care about us and completely denies this problem.

    I wrote the following letter to Nokia Customer Service:


    Dear Sir / Madam

    I, like many other users of the 3110c have been experiencing an endless restart loop (the screen flashes white and switches off) which happens whenever music files are placed onto the microSD card (SanDisk 1GB).

    Scouring the internet I have learned that this is a VERY common problem amongst 3110c users, however, some solutions to the problem have been suggested.

    One such solution that has been mooted is the availability of a more recent firmware update (v 6.01) that supersedes version 5.5, which is currently available on your website. Posts on the official Nokia forum say that this update is only available from Nokia care centres however.

    Please could you answer the following queries:

    1) Is this fault common to all Nokia 3110c’s? If so then why was it brought to market?

    2) Is there a firmware update that fixes this problem?

    3) If there is an update – please could you send it to me, rather than force me to travel to a service centre.

    4) Is there any other means of fixing this rebooting problem.

    Please do not attempt to feign ignorance of this issue as I think it is now quite infamous. I have always used a Nokia phone (since 1996) and I am otherwise very happy with my phone. I just want to find a way of fixing it!

    I look forward to your reply


    This was the reply


    Dear Mr. X,

    we thank you for contacting Nokia Care.

    1. We are unable to confirm that this error is a common fault to 3100c´s

    2. The latest update, which is available in the Internet is version 5.50. Please note that the Nokia Care Point can offer a newest version. Please contact a NCP near by you.

    3. Unfortunately we are unable to provide you with an update. You can get am update only from Nokia Care Points or from Nokia Softwareupdate tool. This tool can be downloaded from:

    4. If the problem will not be solved after Softwareupdate please contact NCP.

    For further Question please do not hesistate to contact again.
    We are reachable from Monday to Friday between 9:00 and 21:00 o´clock.

    Kind regards

    Erwin Sabuel
    Nokia Service Professional

    Nokia Care Team


    So there you have it! Nokia don’t give a damn about us and aren’t really willing to help… sorry chaps!

  • Shady

    to make your phone (3110c)works and never restart you should delete the 2 folders that on the memory (images)and (video clips) and make 5 new folders 5(pictures-Videos-applications-MUSIC-THEMES) and when u want to download a theme put it in the THEMES folder on the memory then move it to the (themes) folder on the phone memory
    this for thems and put pictures in pictures folder(on memory) and music in music folder ( on memory) and applications on applications folder(on memory) etc…only use themes folder thats on the memory to move the themes to themes folder on phone memory

    if u found any other problems tell me about it

    my name is shady and i have 3110c to

  • alvin

    there’s another.. while you are trying to open your camera.. it restarts automatically… what should i do?

  • jobert

    what about , my 3110c unit is having a problem with the theme. when ever i choose a certain theme it always canceled and says “theme corrupted” even the phone theme are all corrupted,.. thats why i dont have a theme on my phone

  • raj

    from where can i get new firm ware 5.50 OR 6.01 ??

    Do i have to go to nokia care?

  • Ashwin Raj

    Hey even i had d same problem with my 3110c. Took it 2 nokia care centre. They formatted my hone and updated my firmware from 5.50 2 7.21. Now ots workin fine wit d same files as b4. Its a problem wit d old firmware. U can find a nokia care near u by searhing 4 it on d nokia site itself.

  • karla

    Hi! I’ve got the same problem and I need your help. My boyfriend and I bought the same cellphone, and that is the Nokia 3110 classic. I don’t have any problems with my own cellphone, which is a good thing, but my boyfriend has this the same problem, and I want to help him. First I thought the only reason why the problem occurred is because of full memory. I advised that he’ll delete ALL items even our pictures. After he deleted it, his classmate sent him a theme which he accepted. After a few days his cellphone had gone berserk, first he can’t read the messages and when he opens the inbox folder his cellphone suddenly turns off then on again. It’s getting him really depress, and I want to help him. He told me to look for an antivirus for the cellphone but I can’t find any. Now, I’m really depressed. So, please e-mail me if you have any advice. It’s getting worse. And please send me the link where I can find instructions or links to download an antivirus in the cellphone. Thanks a lot. -karla

  • harsha

    thank u for ur solutions.can u please name the sites were i can download antivirus software for 3110c.

  • Ajay007

    I have nokia 3110c.when i am browsing internet all the images r shown but video not play .what i need to do?

    • ShirajanR

      Make sure you have active java or flash player in your phone.

  • mciheal

    i also have nokia 3110c with the same problem , i wanna know if there is a software that nokia has made for this problem and if they know about it at all if they don’t we should let them know , and if you have the software please contact me on

  • mciheal

    I have nokia 3110c.when i am browsing internet all the images r not shown .what i need to do?

  • Ashwin Raj

    That is a problem with ur service provider. It also happens if d net connectivity is very poor. If you want 2 improve ur browsing experience i suggest u download ucweb. Its a free browser and can be downloaded from or u can use opera mini which you can dowload at’ll hv 2 use ur phone browser itself 2 download these. Cant b downloaded on d pc)

  • Ren Mark

    for me.. i can onLy suggest one thing.. which is to reprogram your phone.. reguLarLy.. hehe! back up your files and reformat your memory card.. i have my friend that i pay to reprogram my phone.. and i tOLd him that i’LL be his reguLar costumer every month.. based on my observations.. it functions weLL for just a month.. these are some of my advise..

    1. Not to much images..
    2. Not to much mp3. (390 beLow)
    3. Don’t save fiLes on your fone memory.

  • Sukanta

    my phone applications is damage one by one.There some error occurs in my phone as well as my phone calculator is not open.If there some solution available please tell me at my Email ID………..

  • Fawad ahmed

    my nokia 3110c has some problems… last night it was working fine i went to sleep and woke up and found the lcd blank but the light on the keypads seem to work fine… can someone tell me what is the problem and how can it be fixed

  • Guru4india

    1. Switch Off Phone (Remove Memory Car And SIM).
    2. Star Phone Without Memory Card (But Now You Can Insert SIM)
    3. Restore Your Phone (Factory Settings) Change Theme (Less Than 100KB In Size) Leave it Switch On For 10 Min.
    4. Switch Off Phone And Leave it For 10 Min. (Remove SIM Card Also).
    5. Insert Memory Card + SIM Card And Switch On Phone.
    6. Enjoy.. :)

    NOTE : –
    1. Make Sure To Leave Free Space For Phone Memory Between 500KB +
    2. This Will Effected For Next 4 – 5 Months …
    3. If Phone Restarts, Then You Know What You Have To Now? ;)

  • Victor Joydip

    nice pone of nokia 3110c i like it.

  • Naeejani2011

    i install nokia 3110 update but my mobile bettry is not full so my mobile is off without updates.
    so my mobile no on .so whts promlem

  • Www Shvmgl9

    my phone were not open when click any button ten they were hang.what i am doing?

  • Ankit Saini770

    my nokia 3110c mobile does not open any msgs, when i try to open msgs it goes to switched off, plz give me solution

  • Rohit

    i have a nokia 3110c when i play a 3gp song in it its play normly but when i got a movie and want to play it its show that anable to open the file ! why? please give me solution