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Free Online Slam Book Questions Template

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As you might have known from my constant Twitter updates, my 12+2 years of school life got over last week. You know what? The last week before exams was filled with not exam preparations and all that stuff. Instead, we were trying to exchange slam books with our friends and getting the slam book questions filled up.

I went on a searching spree looking for slam books in the local stores but most of them were very boring (in my view). What I did was fire up MS Word and designed a slam book questions template for myself, bound it as a book and distributed it among my friends and got all the slam book questions filled up!

I thought some of you might be searching for slam book templates online and so I put the slam book I designed myself online on What the slam book template contains is a list of questions that your friends will have great fun filling up.

If you want the slam book questions in .DOC format, you can click on this link. You can open it using MS Word.

So there you go! Print multiple copies, share them and have lots of fun.

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March 28th, 2009 at 6:07 am

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